Can I get pregnant during menstruation?

Every month in the body of a healthy woman, the egg matures for the potential formation and growth of the fetus. After the egg ripens, it leaves the native follicle and, seeking fertilization, meets the sperm. If a meeting occurs, the spermatozoon fertilizes an ovum, which, being fixed on the walls of the uterus, begins to grow, turning into an embryo, and then into a full-fledged fruit - into a future child. So begins the period of pregnancy.

The menstrual cycle has three phases. The process of maturation of the ovule in the follicle is the luteal phase.

The process of entering the abdominal cavity, and then - in the fallopian tube is called ovulation - is the second period.

Then, if fertilization does not occur, the body begins to prepare for the repetition of the cycle - this is the third period in which the follicle ripens for the future egg and into which the menstruation occurs.

The ovulation period for a woman with a 28-day menstrual cycle falls on days 14-16. It is in these days that the probability of fertilization is greatest. And logically, after the ovulation period, it is unlikely to become pregnant. But the fact is that if the spermatozoa that get into the woman's body in the menstrual days are viable, they will live and can even fertilize the matured in a few days and left in the fallopian egg in the period of ovulation. In other words, the spermatozoon can wait for ovulation, especially if it, for example, was premature (for various reasons) and fertilized the egg.

Moreover, it happens that two eggs mature at once during one menstrual cycle - both at once, and at some interval. And the second egg can come out later - so to speak, "nevovremya", which can be used by the sperm that has got.

Thus, getting pregnant during menstruation is difficult, there is very little chance, but still possible! This is especially true of women with long menstruation, as well as women with a short menstrual cycle and women with irregular menstruation. Conception can also occur due to a malfunction of the menstrual cycle for various reasons (stress, relocation, climate change, insomnia, hypothermia, illness, etc.).

Naturally, few make love during menstruation, but lovers are. Such people need to remember that conception can happen on any day of the cycle, including during the menstruation period, immediately after them, and immediately before them. And it may not happen even during the period of ovulation - the female body is mysterious. So, if you do not want an unwanted pregnancy, use contraceptives.