Can I get pregnant before menstruation? Probability.

The traditional statement about ovulation on the 14-16 day of the cycle does not take into account the errors in both sides, if the duration of the menstrual cycle deviates from the average of twenty-eight days. Ovulation can be soon after the end of menstruation, then you can get pregnant at the beginning of the cycle. In the opposite case, ovulation comes a little later. Using calculations based on observations, women can determine the day of ovulation, but these calculations are only valid for the same duration of the menstrual cycle. But mechanistic regularity can be proud of a few. Consequently, it is entirely possible that Pregnant for a few days before the monthly .

Period when you can get pregnant

Especially vigilant should be women with marked jumps of the menstrual cycle. For example, a woman who is sure that ovulation has already passed, and is waiting for the onset of menstruation, may become a victim of unprotected intercourse, if the ovulation phase has just begun, then fertilization may occur on the 25th day of the cycle, when the whole inner world is ready for menses.

Therefore, in the calculation of the period of ovulation, it is necessary to make some adjustments. For example, it should be taken into account that the spermatozoon can live comfortably in the female reproductive tract for up to three days, and then connect, after all, with the egg. In addition, you can get pregnant, even if the sexual act was a few days before the release of the egg. We will also take into account the fact that during several menstrual cycles several eggs may appear and the probability range may be scattered. Pregnant before the monthly will increase.

Methods of protection

The conclusion from these calculations, taking into account the deviations of the cycle and the survivability of the sperm alone - it is necessary to use more reliable and permanent methods of protection. If you firmly know that at the moment the birth of a child will be untimely, especially if sexual relations occur at least once a week, do not play Russian roulette, especially a stranger's life, the life of a born little man.

So, sadly, the answer to the question, whether it is possible to become pregnant before monthly is positive.