Whether it is possible for pregnant women to drink kvass. The effect of kvass

Kvas - a natural drink with a very low alcohol content (no more than 1.2%), so drinking it is allowed to all categories of citizens. Is it possible to consume kvass to pregnant women?

If a woman pre-pregnancy kvass loved and did not experience discomfort after eating it, even during pregnancy, you can drink kvass and even need it.

Can pregnant women drink kvass? It's about home-made kvass, since kvass, manufactured in industrial conditions, can include dyes, preservatives and other non-natural ingredients. Even if it is indicated on the bottle etiquette that kvas is natural, it is better for a pregnant woman to avoid it, as well as other carbonated drinks. Moreover, one should not buy kvass from barrels where it is of questionable quality and is sold with violation of any hygienic norms.

Benefits of kvass for pregnant women

But real kvass is useful, as it is rich in amino acids, minerals and vitamins (especially group B, necessary for the normal formation of the fetal nervous system). Bacteria that cause fermentation of kvass, getting into the intestines, even in small amounts, have a positive effect on its microflora. The composition of the microflora changes for the better, the quality of digestion improves. This is a good prevention of constipation with a very mild lax effect. In addition, kvas perfectly quenches thirst and has a pleasant taste.

In other words, pregnant woman can drink kvass . The small amount of alcohol present in it is so small that it can not affect the normal development of the fetus in any way. But we should always remember that excessive consumption of kvass is also unacceptable, as well as any other products.

There are many recipes for making homemade kvass. At pregnancy it is better to prepare kvass on already tested prescription. As an independently prepared drink, you will not have to doubt - no preservatives, dyes and sweeteners. At home, you can also follow the fermentation of kvass and, consequently, its fortress.

Negative parties from the reception of kvass

Negative parties from the reception of kvass by pregnant women also take place. They can provoke kvass increased gas formation, it generally should not drink to those who are inclined to this phenomenon, and there are many such. Increased fermentation in the intestine stimulates its peristalsis, and this can be fraught with an increase in the tone of the uterus. If a pregnant woman has a threat of abortion, this can even be dangerous. Therefore, if there are signs of gas generation, the amount of kvass consumed should be reduced or even completely eliminated for a short time.

In addition, kvass contains yeast, because of the presence of which some doctors oppose this drink, believing that extra calories come with the kvass into the body of the pregnant woman. However, yeast only stimulates appetite, many products have the same quality. Therefore, a moderate intake of food and drink will not result in an increase in excess weight.

In a word, properly cooked, fresh kvass is a product for a pregnant woman is quite harmless and even useful.