Raise your arms to pregnant women. Why can not this be done?

It's a strange question, is not it? Why can not pregnant women raise their hands? Where did this attitude come from? Let's figure it out.

Pregnancy is a period in a woman's life when she has to rebuild herself into a new way of life, change her way of life, diet, daily routine and much more. There are a number of prohibitions for women during pregnancy, and one of them is a ban on raising your hands up.

Motor activity in pregnancy

Satellites of women in an interesting situation are caution and increased responsibility - primarily for the life of the future man. The usual types of motor activity have to be adjusted. So, go to the last place of your favorite fitness classes, especially intense exercises. This, of course, does not mean that gymnastics should be abandoned altogether. On the contrary, it is necessary to do gymnastics, but you need to know what exercises will be useful and which ones can do harm.

Pregnant women who can not imagine themselves without the usual daily exercise, do not be upset, they have a way out - doing yoga or special gymnastics. This gymnastics is designed to regulate the load on the spine, which suffers during pregnancy, and the prevention of pain arising during the process of increasing the load on the spinal column. Such gymnastics will help in the future to improve the ability of muscle tissues involved in childbirth to stretch.

Should I lift my hands to pregnant women?

There is enough discussion about the ban on raising hands during pregnancy. The arguments are as follows. At pregnancy, the place in the abdomen becomes longer with time, and the fruit can there freely turn over and change its position. And the hands raised upwards can at this moment provoke the fetal cord accent, the umbilical cord. looping cord during labor.

I must say that the length of the umbilical cord can not actually affect the baby, because it is already determined genetically. And today on this occasion the opinions of doctors differ.

And, nevertheless, many gynecologists of precaution do not advise raising their hands pregnant, especially dramatically and especially in the second half of pregnancy. Gynecologists assume that the position with the hands raised upwards and being in such a position for a long time (say, during the hanging of the laundry) may lead to the premature separation of amniotic fluid, as a result of which premature birth may occur.

On the other hand, many doctors say that if there is no presentation of the placenta, then it is not necessary to be afraid to raise your hands, it is better to lift them not high and unsharp. Moreover, due to the raising of hands, two-headed muscles of the hands and oblique muscles of the back are trained in a certain way.

What do our moms say?

They have their own opinion on this. Moms believe that household chores related to physical stress, including uplifting hands while hanging laundry, gluing wallpaper, removing curtains, etc., can lead to injury, as the head of a woman can spin and it may fall. Therefore, mothers advise, such work should be trusted by men. And after all mums are absolutely right - men will incur work and care of the most close people.

So, we draw a conclusion. In the belief that it is impossible for pregnant women to raise their hands, it turns out that there is a lion's share of reasonableness. Especially it concerns the second half of pregnancy and the days corresponding to the arrival of menstruation.