Can pregnant women paint walls, draw

Of course, it is better not to do painting work during pregnancy, at least just in case. Such work implies exposure to various chemicals, and it is not known exactly how the chemicals and solvents contained in the paints will affect the future child. It is quite difficult to determine the amount of toxic substances formed during painting, which can get into the organism of the pregnant woman through the respiratory tract and skin, so the degree of risk for pregnant women is difficult to determine.

It is much safer if someone else does the painting work or they are postponed until the birth of the child. But a newborn child needs the same security measures as a pregnant woman. It can not be left in a freshly painted room, no matter how much you want to place the child in the bedroom renovated to his birth!

Can pregnant women paint walls? During pregnancy, it is not recommended to scrape off the paint, and also use a sandblast. This is due to the fact that the paints, even relatively modern, contain a significant amount of toxic substances, for example lead. If the paint has to be cleaned, then you can breathe in lead dust, harmful to the mother and child. To carry out painting work it is better to hire professionals who will deal with them in the absence of a future mother.

Exposure of chemicals to a pregnant woman

It should be remembered that exposure to chemicals during pregnancy increases the risk of developing congenital malformations in a child. The study showed that women who are regularly exposed to solvents during painting, when painting furniture, repairing cars, had a high risk of having children with gastroschisis (a developmental disorder in which the abdominal cavity falls out due to a defect in the anterior abdominal wall).

Do not worry if the pregnant woman had to tint something. The number of chemicals that enter the body of people who regularly inhale all kinds of reagents is much higher.

Precautions for pregnant women when staining

In general it is difficult to determine how paints and solvents will affect a pregnant woman if she decides to paint the future nursery. At least, the following precautions should be observed:

  • Be sure to wear a ventilated mask with a filter designed for painting works, a shirt with long sleeves, trousers and gloves to protect the skin.

  • Do not drink or eat at the place where painting is being done to avoid chemicals getting on food and drink.

  • It is necessary to use paint with the marking zero or low content of volatile organic substances.

  • Time for painting works should be limited.

  • After the work is finished, the windows must be left open for weathering of paint vapors and solvent. You can not sleep in the newly painted room.

    If a pregnant woman has a hobby, drawing should be done indoors, which is well ventilated, regular breaks, choose acrylic or water-based paints, but not oil paints.