Can honey be given to pregnant women? Influence of honey on pregnancy

Honey is a product that is considered one of the most beneficial to health, and at the same time a strong allergen. There is, of course, it is possible, but in very moderate quantities, and if it is not allergic. In the matter of honey doctors do, as with citrus - they are not forbidden, because they have a lot of vitamin C, and honey is a real storehouse of microelements and vitamins.

Pregnant is you can honey, even necessary. He:

  • raises immunity, which is extremely important for their weakened health,

  • helps with colds,

  • normalizes blood pressure,

  • lowers the tone of the uterus, which is very important at any time of pregnancy,

  • improves blood circulation,

  • being the prevention of fetal hypoxia,

  • has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system.

  • Pregnancy is the most crucial period in a woman's life. The development of the child, the formation of his health begins in the womb of the mother and one of the most important conditions is the receipt of the substances necessary for this.

    Benefits of honey during pregnancy

    Can honey be given to pregnant women? The future mother during pregnancy faces the problem of lethargy, rapid fatigue, under the influence of hormonal changes in the body, she becomes irritable, even whiny. In later terms, the developing fetus "takes" all the necessary substances from the mother's body, so many women have iron deficiency, a decrease in hemoglobin in the blood.

    In these cases, an excellent assistant is honey. It includes more than 60 useful substances - minerals, enzymes, vitamins (B1 B2 B3 B66, H, PP, E , C, nicotinic acid). Honey is a source of easily digestible iron, which helps to normalize the level of hemoglobin and to avoid anemia in pregnancy.

    Honey improves metabolism, which allows the body to more fully absorb useful substances. In addition, honey has a unique ability to normalize the emotional background of a pregnant woman. It removes irritability, tension, unnecessary anxiety and unrest that arise during this period. Therefore, pregnant women can eat honey.

    Honey helps to build strong immunity and resistance to negative factors. The most useful are dark varieties of honey - in their composition, twice as much copper, four times as iron, and 14 times as magnesium. Their composition is also distinguished by amino acids, which are the foundation in the construction of new tissues and cells. If there are no contraindications to the pregnant woman, you can recommend a daily dose of intake - no more than three tablespoons of honey dissolved in warm water (hot liquid, for example, tea, destroys the useful qualities of honey).

    The correct choice of honey is

    An important factor is the right choice of honey. You should buy honey, collected in ecologically clean regions. In addition, you can get a fake from ignorance, so pay attention to the pronounced aroma of honey, the lack of lumps and crystals. It is dangerous to buy honey, which was repeatedly heated to a temperature of more than 45 0 C to give a uniform consistency, because after this procedure, it can become carcinogenic. Natural honey is usually thick. Only honey of May, having amber-yellow color, and collected mainly from a blossoming acacia, can be liquid enough.

    By the way, in many cities exhibitions and sales of this medical product are held. During the honeymoon period, monastic honey and beekeeping products are sold near the temples. You can apply directly to the apiary or to individuals who are known as true beekeepers who are engaged in this craft for the love of him or for their own healing, and not for the sake of momentary gain. This is how you can buy real honey.

    In any case, a pregnant woman should use only a high-quality product, in which she is 100% sure, and which will contribute to the correct intrauterine development of the child, and his mother is easier to bear the hardships of an interesting situation.