Can there be a miscarriage in the second week of pregnancy

Spontaneous termination of pregnancy is considered a miscarriage if it occurs before the 22nd week of pregnancy. Until 12 weeks, a miscarriage is called an early miscarriage, and if the miscarriage occurs within 12 to 22 weeks of pregnancy, it is called late. Later miscarriages - after 22 weeks - are considered premature births.

The question is whether spontaneous abortion in the second week of pregnancy is uneasy. The mere fact of abortion in the second week, of course, takes place to be and quite often. In this case, it can be said that fertilization has not occurred, and it is not necessary to speak of a full miscarriage. Rather, it is a question of an unsuccessful attempt to become pregnant.

Causes of early termination of pregnancy

The reasons for early spontaneous abortion can be abound. Everything plays here: the physical state of the woman's health at this moment, and her psychological state, and climatic conditions, and even the diet. From the causes of the physical condition, the most common causes of abortion at such early periods are, as a rule, the following:

  • genetic defects of the embryo itself,

  • infections, sexually transmitted diseases - chlamydia, trichomoniasis, toxoplasmosis,

  • Immunological causes - this happens with Rh-conflict,

  • hormonal disorders - a large number of male sex hormones,

  • abortions in the anamnesis,

  • medicinal and phytopreparations,

  • fall, sexual intercourse, lifting weights.

  • All this prevents the embryo from gaining a foothold on the walls of the uterus.

    After a thorough examination, the doctor will help you to understand the causes of the incident.

    Symptoms of

    It is possible to suspect miscarriage if there were cramping pains in the lower abdomen and uterine bloody discharge. To differentiate the miscarriage from the next menstruation is quite difficult. For this, it is necessary to pass an urine test for hCG. Such a laboratory analysis will determine whether there was an abortion