Whether it is possible for pregnant mushrooms and it is not dangerous for a child

Should a pregnant woman include mushrooms the woman decides for herself in her diet. Many women do not tolerate mushrooms at all, because they are quite heavy food, which has a specific taste. Nutritionists and doctors, just in case, recommend pregnant women to exclude mushrooms from use, because these are allergens and those suffering from toxicosis, pregnant women do not tolerate them. Such women without mushrooms can do without eating less problematic foods.

The same for whom mushrooms - a favorite dish, there is no addiction to allergies and a healthy liver, it is not necessary to refuse them.

The use of fungi in pregnancy

Mushrooms are very nutritious because of the protein contained in them, similar to that which contains meat. Therefore, vegetarians replace mushrooms with meat products. The mushrooms contain vitamins A, C, P, group B, they are rich in nicotinic acid, copper and zinc. Scientists have proved the ability of fungi to destroy a lot of harmful bacteria and viruses, mushrooms - this is a natural powerful immunomodulator . That is, they are very useful, including pregnant women, because they can protect the future mother's body, for example, from influenza. Can mushrooms be pregnant?

Pregnant you can eat mushrooms in cooked or stewed, but fried are not recommended. Heat treatment should be conducted for at least an hour to destroy possible poisonous substances contained in the product. If you collect mushrooms yourself, then only in ecologically clean areas. Mushrooms are like sponges and just absorb lead, salts of heavy metals and other chemistry of industrial areas of transport highways. With a poor knowledge of mushrooms, you can collect poisonous, which is very similar to edible. And in a dry hot summer, the poison accumulates even in edible mushrooms. Therefore, it is better to buy them in a supermarket, there will be less risk to health. On sale are champignons, oyster mushrooms, butter mushrooms, honey agarics - pure mushrooms, which are grown in special greenhouses. All mushrooms should be carefully inspected before use. If among them there will be wrinkled, softened, with a touch or with a mold, they should be thrown out without regret.

Prohibitions for pregnant women

And here is canned, pickled, salted and dried mushrooms are not suitable for pregnant women . There are practically no useful substances in them, many of them are simply dangerous to health - an acetic solution, usually strong, can lead to heartburn and pain in the stomach, and saline - to provoke swelling due to the ability of salt to retain liquid in the body, they can even be poisoned.