Can there be a miscarriage without blood and pain

Miscarriage is the process of spontaneous termination of pregnancy in the first 20 weeks. Miscarriage can last several days or even weeks.

The most dangerous and serious symptom of a miscarriage is vaginal bleeding. It can be both strong, abundant, and hardly noticeable, insignificant. Blood can go on continuously or with small interruptions. The color of blood discharge is scarlet, brownish or brown. Sometimes the heat rises.

However, I must say that blood is sometimes observed in the normal course of pregnancy, so it is possible to diagnose miscarriage with greater accuracy if bleeding is accompanied by pain.

Pain appears in the lower abdomen, in the pelvic organs or in the lower back. It is pain on the background of bleeding is almost the most sure sign of miscarriage. The pain can be pulling and sharp, and maybe weak, aching. The duration of pain can range from a few hours to a week and more from the onset of bleeding.

In addition to pain and bleeding, with a miscarriage can appear blood clots and grayish tissue of the fetus.

Is it possible to do without blood and pain?

However, there are no rules without exceptions. Rarely, but still there are times when a woman practically does not feel pain. Sometimes a miscarriage lasts only two days, during which there is a so-called "daub", as with the monthly, but with blood scraps.

That is, the miscarriage passes, as usual monthly. But more often still passes with bleeding and with pain.

What to do with a miscarriage?

Suspend a miscarriage can not be a single drug. If you do not have common symptoms that usually happen during a miscarriage - excessive bleeding, high fever, weakness or other signs of complication, you can let your body cope with the miscarriage. This usually takes a few days. By the way, with a negative Rhesus factor, it is necessary to inoculate Rh-antibodies to avoid problems in the future.

If there is severe bleeding, sharp pulling pains, and all this lasts more than one day, doctors usually recommend scraping the uterine cavity in order to completely clean it and thereby avoid complications.