Merzna with pregnancy

Pregnancy - this is a special condition, and it is not surprising that women, being pregnant, feel differently than in the ordinary state. Someone is always hot and stuffy, while the woman opens all the windows even in winter. And someone is always cold, wrapped in sweaters and shawls, even if the yard is red summer.

The reasons why a pregnant woman can be cold can be different.

One of them is a change in the hormonal background during pregnancy. Usually, the skin maintains a comfortable body temperature thanks to capillaries with blood. In women, body temperature varies depending on the level of the hormone estrogen, which is responsible for peripheral vessels: the more in the blood of the hormone, the higher the sensitivity of the vessels to temperature. Therefore, if a woman begins to feel very cold, without any reason for that, it is worth considering - and not whether it is pregnancy.

The tremendous role in pregnancy is played by the thyroid gland. With a decrease in thyroid function during pregnancy, women develop complaints: fatigue and retardation. This is typical for pregnancy in general. But besides this, some women begin to experience a strong chilliness, the pregnant woman is always cold - even in the warm season.

If there are other signs - dry skin, peeling, brittle nails, greasiness of hair, hair loss, then this indicates the presence of problems with the thyroid gland, a decrease in its function. To the above mentioned signs, sometimes a change in the timbre of the voice is added-it becomes hoarse, deaf, and also the puffiness of the face and swelling in the lower eyelid region. Sometimes lays the nose, swells the tongue, on the side surfaces of it there are prints of teeth. All these signs are signs of hypothyroidism.

What to do to a pregnant woman, if she constantly feels chilliness, is very cold?

You can try to turn to the ancient wisdom of the Chinese. They believed that our state of health largely depends on what kind of food we eat. After all, there is a "cold" food, from which there is a cold - for example, fruit (but not all) and milk, and there are "hot" - bananas, honey, rice. Try to eat accordingly.

In addition, it is possible and necessary to temper our vessels, taking a contrast shower every day. Such a shower not only hardens on the vessels, but also trains them, making them more elastic and more capable. You can also take warm foot baths with sea salt and rosemary oil.

Well, and a pleasant moment. There is a folk sign that tells us that if a pregnant woman is always cold, chilly (while other pregnant women are hot), it means that she will have a girl.