Monthly during pregnancy. Causes of monthly.

During menstruation, the mucous membrane of the uterus is rejected, and as a result, menstrual bleeding begins.

When the egg cell is connected to the sperm, this rejection does not occur, the conditions for the embryo are preserved, since a new process - pregnancy - arises. And if there is bleeding during pregnancy, then this is not a natural menstrual rejection, here the nature is different.

Causes of bleeding during pregnancy

The cause of bleeding during pregnancy, which is perceived as monthly during pregnancy, is often caused by the correct implantation of a fertilized germ cell through the uterine wall. It differs and externally by its small abundance, short-term, painlessness. For pregnancy in this case there is no danger.

Similarity of the monthly during pregnancy, there may be bleeding caused by hormonal changes that are associated with the expected monthly. These bleedings do not go beyond the norm, there is no danger to the fetus, in the absence of additional problems. Allocations with this are normal, nothing new, the pain and heaviness of the abdominal part of the abdomen are absent.

There may be another harmless variant of bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy, this is the lack of hormones synthesized by the placenta. Worrying in this case should not be, but if this process takes place, it is better to be under the supervision of a doctor.

Menstruation in the first month of pregnancy

The emergence of menstruation in the very first month of pregnancy is normal. If we calculate that fertilization occurred in the middle of the cycle, the journey of the fetal egg to the place is spent from a week to two, and the hormonal background did not change, the body reacts in a standard way, that is, the appearance and end of the monthly period. But the next time this should not be. There may be a lack of phoestrogens, pregnancy hormones act, pregnancy continues, and estrogen for some reason (ecology, stress, drugs) suddenly decreased. Consequence - spotting.

And in our motley time to maintain a stable hormonal background is quite problematic, some women undergo menstruation for three to four months without the threat of pregnancy. There are also unique cases when two eggs are simultaneously maturing and one of them is fertilized, and the second, naturally, is rejected and menstruation begins.

Monthly during pregnancy and possible threats

It must be remembered that often monthly during pregnancy are uterine bleeding because of placental rejection, and they talk about the threat of termination of pregnancy. Independently to distinguish between different types of bleeding is very difficult, then when you have these symptoms you need to urgently go to the doctor-gynecologist, conduct a detailed diagnosis.

In any case, bloody discharge, when pregnancy is already fixed, is a deviation from the norm. This is indicative of a violation in the balance of the sex hormones, and this is an excuse for going to the doctor. Under the guise of a phenomenon that looks like a month, a dangerous pathology may develop - the development of the miscarriage process.

This phenomenon differs from the above-described safe bleeding in that the menstrual periods are very insignificant on the background of pregnancy, sometimes they are noticeable only when a woman moves, at night they disappear and are not accompanied by any pain.

Long, drawing pains and heaviness of the lower part of the abdomen, profuse, sudden bleeding, (his appearance on familiar days can confuse all diagnostic cards) is not even talking about the need to visit a doctor, but about calling an ambulance.