Medical methods of preparation of pregnant women for childbirth

The traditional methods of prenatal preparation include the creation of a glucose-hormone-vitamin-calcium background:

- 10ml 40% glucose solution with 2 ml of 5% solution of ascorbic acid is administered daily for 10 days;

- Estrogens (0.1% synestral solution or foliculin) are administered intramuscularly daily in an individual calculation of 300 IU per 1 kg of body weight of the woman;

- 10ml 40% glucose solution in combination with 10ml 10% calcium chloride solution intravenously for 10 days.

The introduction of estrogen increases the sensitivity of the neuromuscular apparatus of the uterus to biologically active substances (oxytocin, acetylcholine, histamine, etc.), increases the contractile activity of myometrium, stimulates metabolic processes in the uterus and neck, improves uteroplacental blood flow. Estrogen preparations can be administered intramuscularly, intravaginally and intracervically in the form of gauze turundum with folliculin or synestrol at 20000OD in combination with dimedrol (1% 1ml) and spasmolytics (0.2% platifillin 1 ml).

Calcium preparations are administered as mediators of contraction mediators. To increase oxidation-reduction processes in the body, replenishing its energy resources and improving the efficiency of the myometrium, glucose solutions with vitamin C, as well as cocarboxylase and ATP, are introduced.

In connection with the fact that during the development of pregnancy in the internal pharyngeal region a muscular "sphincter" is formed, which helps to retain the fetal egg in the uterus, prenatal preparation is carried out using spasmolytic drugs.

Assign: no-pill in tablets of 004 g, or 2 ml of 2% solution intramuscularly twice a day, extract of belladonna in rectal suppositories at 0015 g twice daily dibasol 002 g 3 times daily in tablets, or 6ml 0.5% solution intramuscularly twice a day.

As prenatal preparation, intravenous drip infusion of 200 mg of sygene (20ml of 1% solution of the drug is diluted in 500 ml of 5% glucose solution) at a rate of 10-12 drops per hour. Sigetin has metabolic properties of estrogens, improves utero-placental blood flow, and is also a noncompetitive inhibitor of ATP-dependent transport of calcium ions.

Abramchenko V.V. with singing. (1988) proposed to prepare the cervix using 4-6 days antioxidants and antihypoxants: 5ml 5% solution of unitol together with 5ml 5% solution of ascorbic acid is intravenously dripped in 500 ml of 5% glucose solution. Tocopherol in capsules 0.2 g twice a day.

Since 1970 prostaglandins have been widely used as substances that promote the "maturation" of the cervix. For this purpose, preparations of prostaglandin group E2 (dinoproston, Enzaprost, Prostormon E, sheets E2 prostenon) are used. Preference is given to the intravaginal and intracervical route of prostaglandin injection in the form of a gel (Propedil-gel) and turundum with a solution of the preparation.