Medication abortion: the main drugs. Possible consequences

The term "drug-induced abortion" means that instead of performing a surgical abortion, in some cases it is permitted to take medications early in pregnancy that will terminate the pregnancy if it has already begun.

What are the possible consequences for women, and what tablets are taken in such cases - the topic of our conversation.

Preparations for medicinal (non-surgical) abortion

The composition of tablets intended for medical abortion includes substances mifepristone and misoprostol. It is these substances that are the basis of Mifepristone and its variants Mifegin, Mifepreks, Pencrofton, Mytholian. Mifepristone blocks the production of progesterone - the hormone responsible for pregnancy and its safety. The repeated administration of the drug leads to a reduction in the uterus and detachment of the fetal egg from the uterine wall. There is still a drug Postinor, usually used in emergency cases with unplanned or unwanted sexual intercourse.

Consequences of drug (non-surgical) abortion

The consequences may appear in side effects and in further complications. All preparations are very strong, and their use in such a natural process as the occurrence of pregnancy, can not lead to violations in the work of the female body.

Abortion with pills passes, of course, is easier than surgical. However, it threatens with bleeding, a violation of digestion. The emergence of inflammation. In addition, there is a risk of incomplete exit of the fetal shell of the egg, and in this case, surgical intervention can not be avoided. scraping.

Every woman who has decided on medical abortion should know exactly how the medical mechanism of abortion works, in order to realize what and why it is disturbed in the body. The fact is that after ovulation in the second half of the cycle, a scar appears on the place of the ovule that emerges from the follicle, called the yellow body. It continues to work during pregnancy, producing progesterone, which protects the embryo.

The drugs suppress, as was said, the production of progesterone, which is no longer able to store the embryo. Uterus under the influence of the medication is shortened, the cervix is ​​opened, the embryo leaves. Than all this threatens, it is possible to assume. Pain, spasms, bleeding, fever, chills, headache, the possibility of infection. In the latter case, the doctor prescribes a course of antibiotics.

Quite often there is a delay in menstruation, which is explained by stress and unimportant psychological state of a woman, as well as by double hormonal rearrangement (fertilization of the egg and then termination of pregnancy). Recovery of the cycle occurs in all different ways. A new countdown of the menstrual cycle should begin with the day of the appearance of blood secretions during the tableted abortion. The next cycle may start a little later, since the recovery process will take some time - up to six months.