False contractions during pregnancy. How to distinguish them from the real ones?

False contractions, they are also called training fights or Braxton-Hicks contractions, future mothers can feel shortly before birth. This short-term, lasting from half a minute to two minutes, the contraction of the muscles of the uterus. They start to appear somewhere on the twentieth week of pregnancy, depend on the threshold of the sensitivity of a particular woman to pain, and in an earlier pregnancy they simply do not feel a woman. An increase in the tone of the uterus often visits a woman during the day, but home or other cases distract her from these, not very painful, contractions of the uterus. At this moment, the stomach tenses, hardens, stiffens and shrinks. Then the fight wanes.

Doctors believe that it is not worth paying too much attention to these fights, this is a normal physiological process, although before birth they become more tangible and cause some discomfort. The change in the type of activity helps to escape from these feelings. Recommend to go for a walk, take a warm shower, or lie down. False contractions during pregnancy not all women experience, and the term "training" does not accurately reflect the actual state of affairs, because a pregnant womb and without training in the course than what she does during childbirth.

Why do pregnancy appear false fights

When giving birth to the uterus, a very large load falls and false bouts conduct preliminary work with the uterus in preparation for childbirth. This softens and shortens the cervix.

A pregnant woman should be in a special position, this is substantiated functionally and psychologically. Even easy physical work can increase the frequency of false struggles and their soreness. As a result, it may even be possible to give birth to a baby before the time limit.

What to do with false bouts and how to distract

Therefore, a pregnant woman can not have excess rest, while not necessarily passive. You can lie down, but you can also make a resting forest walk. The main thing is to get distracted. Drink a glass of water, take a warm water treatment.

Do not continue to do things that cause you discomfort. Do not stand for a long time on your feet, looking out for a cute, better sit and relax. The main thing is full rest and necessary sleep, although it is strictly not recommended to spend the whole day in bed.

Harmony and tranquility during pregnancy

The early occurrence of false labor, due to which premature birth may begin, can be triggered by smoking, drinking alcohol and drugs.

Do not torture yourself with anything, including diet.

Provoke false bouts and a sharp increase in physical activity.

Drink less coffee.

If you are not a regular pair, until you start these experiments, leave it until less troubling times.