Anointing in the early stages of pregnancy. Causes of brown ointment

An anemia in the early stages of pregnancy is a fairly frequent phenomenon, in most cases not a threat of miscarriage. Vaginal spotting means more than a few drops, but less than monthly ones. Allocations can be brown, red, brown or cream color.

There is a daub for several reasons:

- Hormonal changes

During pregnancy, spotting can occur on the time frame when menstruation should be observed. This corresponds to every fourth week with a 28-day menstrual cycle. At this time you need to be very careful, it is advisable not to worry and have more rest.

- Detachment of the chorion or placenta

In the first trimester of pregnancy, brown swabbing can occur due to a detachment of the chorion or placenta. Under the detachments accumulates blood, which is later found on the laundry. If the detachments are small in area and do not progress - this is not dangerous. However, any woman with bloody discharge during pregnancy should not engage in sexual activity, limit physical activity, and take medication with Utrozhestan or Dufaston to avoid miscarriage. With vaginal use, Utrozestan is considered a more effective remedy.

Be sure to conduct ultrasound to see the development of the fetal egg and the amount of detachment.

- Frozen pregnancy

Dandruff in the early stages of pregnancy is not a rare occurrence in the first trimester. The most common cause is chromosomal abnormalities, which in the fetus are not compatible with life. In addition, the cause may be acute infections that a woman has contracted during pregnancy, taking large quantities of alcohol or toxic drugs.

The main sign of a stagnant pregnancy is the absence of palpitation in the embryo and the mismatch of its size during pregnancy. Diagnosed frozen pregnancy on ultrasound. A woman can also notice changes - in the lower abdomen pains may appear, mammary glands become milder, toxemia disappears. When you pass a blood test for hCG, the indicator will be underestimated compared to what is observed when developing the fetus. When the diagnosis is confirmed, a woman is scraped to avoid a possible inflammatory process.

Erosion of the cervix

Erosion of the cervix is ​​a frequent pathology, but for the most part, it requires only observation. In a number of cases, erosion krovit that occurs when a mechanical effect on the cervix during sexual intercourse, gynecological examination with a mirror or even masturbation.

During pregnancy, the mucous membrane of the vagina is very vulnerable, so even an unsuccessfully injected candle can cause her microtrauma and, accordingly, an ointment.

Ectopic pregnancy

Anemia in early pregnancy is observed in cases of development of the ovum outside the uterus - in the ovary, fallopian tube or abdominal cavity. Peculiarities of this phenomenon can be noted already in the first weeks - ultrasound does not show a fetal egg in the uterus, and hCG above 1500 mU /ml. A woman senses soreness in the bottom of the abdomen, usually on the one hand, and perceives as a threat of miscarriage. If you do not take appropriate measures to remove the fetal body in time, a rupture of the organ may occur, since the fetal egg throughout the gestation period should develop only in the uterus.

- Lack of pregnancy

Sometimes a gynecologist puts a woman on the register for pregnancy, relying only on her experience. If there are no menstruation, the uterus is enlarged, the mucous membrane of the cervix and the vagina of a cyanotic shade, and the cervix is ​​bent backwards - then pregnancy has come. But these findings are erroneous, and daub in the early stages of pregnancy is nothing but delayed for some reason, monthly, which confirms ultrasound of the uterus and analysis for hCG.