False pregnancy. How to recognize a false pregnancy. Causes

False pregnancy can cause significant moral and psychological trauma to a woman. Pseudocyesis, a relatively rare disorder, is a condition in which abdominal enlargement, weight gain, morning sickness, lack of menstruation and other signs of pregnancy are observed in non-pregnant women.

As the classics say, this is a sofa-shaped thing, but not a sofa. Most often there is an emotional component.

The causes of false pregnancy

Part of the women experiencing the irresistible the desire to become pregnant or on the contrary, feeling excessive fear of a probable pregnancy and having too fine a nervous organization can be in the false belief that they are really pregnant - this is the cause of a false pregnancy.

This pathological condition occurred as a result of strong self-hypnosis, can manifest itself in the form of the appearance of peculiar stigmata. There are neuroendocrine symptoms, which are very similar to the individual signs of pregnancy. Usually, such women are marked by pronounced hysterical reactions, which sometimes occur with endocrine gynecological disorders. Distortions in higher nervous activity lead to the development of a number of vegetative and endocrine symptoms, in which imitation of specific changes in the body during pregnancy occurs. There are all the signs of pregnancy:

  • nausea,

  • vomiting,

  • even an increase in the abdomen due to excessive development of subcutaneous tissue,

  • atony of the large intestine,

  • meteorisms.

  • Further, pure mental pathology: sensation of fetal movement, cessation of menstruation, coarsening of the mammary glands, the onset of colostrum, toxicosis.

    In fact, experts can not explain all this precisely and determine the reasons for how this happens. After all, in fact, we are dealing with the materialization of thought. True, not completely.

    How to recognize a false pregnancy

    It is important to know that in case of a false pregnancy, the futility of a woman's experiences will confirm any pregnancy test, and it's better not to delay with this check taking into account the psychological burden on the patient. Unfortunately, women experiencing l Pregnant pregnancy, and continue to insist that they are actually waiting for the child, usually justifying it by the fact that they really want it.

    There are also more tragic and confusing cases and to recognize a false pregnancy not so easy: some women still get a positive pregnancy test, and this greatly complicates the diagnosis of false pregnancy. Why is it so - it is a mistake to test, or the body has really managed to deceive science through the allocation of some unnecessary secrets or hormones, it is not known.

    How to cure the symptoms of pseudobregnancy

    Naturally, it is necessary to consult a psychologist who helps to eliminate psychological and emotional causes of false pregnancy . It can be stress and depression.

    Some researchers associate a false pregnancy with the activity of the pituitary gland, which produces hormones during pregnancy. The patients had an extremely high level of hormones, and this, in turn, is a consequence of the same stresses and experiences.

    Most susceptible to this disease are women older than thirty or forty years old, unsuccessfully trying to become pregnant for a long time; women with weak psyche and increased excitability and susceptibility to everything associated with children and pregnancy; women who have lost a child in the past.