Pink deprive in pregnancy: symptoms, treatment

Lishay is a dermatological condition that is characterized by the appearance of skin rashes accompanied by flaking, itching, discoloration. Typically, lichen appears after contact with a sick animal or person, also trigger the appearance of depriving may allergies, viruses, fungi, stress, anxiety.

Lishaya is common in pregnant women. It is very important to react in time and visit a doctor, as early diagnosis and proper treatment eliminate the risk of depriving the woman and the fetus.

Symptoms of

Pink lichen (lichen zhibera) is one of the varieties of lichen that are secreted in medicine. Pink lichen is a skin disease that provokes an extensive rash. Pink lichen in pregnant women appears as follows: first a rounded spot is formed, which is commonly called "maternal". This spot has a bright clear bezel, but inside it is scaly. After a while there are patches of oval form on the chest, shoulders, sides. All this is accompanied by severe itching.

Treatment of pink lichen in pregnant women

Pink lichen in pregnant women does not require special treatment, since it disappears on its own within two months. If a woman is worried about intolerable itching, you can use antihistamines. In addition, it is recommended to abandon tight and uncomfortable clothing, synthetic materials, wool, and limit the ingress of water to the affected skin.

What to do if there was pink lichen on pregnancy?

If a woman in the position suspects pink shingles, it is necessary to contact the gynecologist and dermatologist, despite the fact that the disease passes by itself and does not require treatment. Why go to the doctors? For prescribing antihistamines to relieve symptoms. In addition, a survey is required to exclude diseases such as herpes, syphilis, parvovirus, cytomegalovirus, epstein-barr virus.

Possible complications

In severe forms of the disease, there are some risks. If pink lichen in pregnant women occurs on up to fifteen weeks, miscarriage may occur. This information is based on the results of the research, but it does not have one hundred percent confirmation, but it's still worth taking note. If pink lichen appears on the period of 16-22 weeks of pregnancy, there is a possibility that children will experience hypotension and slow motion. Among other things, a quarter of women experience premature birth, but, fortunately, children are born healthy.