Coffee and pregnancy

Even one day spent without a cup of coffee, for many can be a real punishment - so much addiction to this truly magical fragrant drink. But sometimes circumstances force you to give up your attachments. This may be a disease or something else. And what about the issue with pregnant women, can I drink coffee and drink as much as a woman usually drank during pregnancy?

Arguments for

Let's still consider all the arguments of this issue - FOR and against the pregnant woman drinking coffee. Coffee is known to be invigorating, uplifting, tone, and if a woman is used to drinking coffee every day, it will be stressful for her to deny herself this pleasure. Of the two evils choose a compromise - to drink coffee, but not strong and a few cups a day. This conclusion was reached by researchers, in which more than 1200 pregnant women participated. Moderate intake of caffeine does not lead to any pathological consequences for either the mother or the child.

Arguments AGAINST

Data from other studies tell us that the average weight of a newborn baby is still reduced by 100-200 grams in those pregnant women who drank coffee daily, even in small doses. Moreover, researchers say that if a pregnant woman consumes more than 9 cups of coffee a day, there is a risk of a dead child.

Caffeine itself is a concern, too, an active substance in coffee. Caffeine stimulates the nervous system, increases blood pressure. And the second half of pregnant women occurs just often with already high blood pressure, so pregnant women in the last weeks to drink coffee is just dangerous. So some experts believe.


The influence of coffee has already been said a lot, and all the information we get is contradictory. And yet, experts agree that pregnant women are not contraindicated in coffee, but only in limited quantities - literally one or two small cups of coffee a day. Except in cases when a pregnant woman has a high blood pressure or high blood pressure becomes a constant background during pregnancy.

How can I replace coffee?

If everything indicates that coffee can not be drunk to a pregnant woman, it can replace natural coffee with other drinks. Now there is a decaffeinated coffee - this is a less dangerous alternative, although, strictly speaking, even in such coffee, caffeine is present, albeit in small quantities. The usual soluble coffee is also essentially ersatz, not real coffee, so one cup of instant coffee per day can afford a pregnant woman. You can drink coffee from chicory, but do not get carried away - chicory overcooked and can be reflected in the stomach and liver.

As for tea, strong tea also contains caffeine, and it is not possible to get pregnant with it to the same degree as coffee.