When to go to the family house?

First of all you should know the expected date of birth, and the period of pregnancy is individual for each woman. The average duration is forty weeks or 280 days, the range from thirty-eight to forty-two weeks is considered normal.

There are several methods for calculating the date of birth. It is logical to determine the day of conception and already "dance" from it, but the day of sexual intercourse and the day of conception may not coincide, as spermatozoa can maintain their viability for several days and fertilize the egg a little later.

Determine the date of delivery for the last menstruation

The most popular method is the calculation of the date of birth, which relies on the last menstruation, which is a fairly well-fixed event.

For this it is necessary to know exactly the first day of the last menstruation, and from its beginning it is necessary to count two hundred and eighty days. You can add seven days to the date of the first day of the last menstruation and count three months ago.

In particular, if on the fifth of September the last menstruation began, then the delivery may occur on the twelfth of June. Specifically: five plus seven days - is equal to the twelfth; September, this is the ninth month, then nine minus three will be the sixth month (June).

However, with an irregular menstrual cycle in a woman, this method is unreliable, and the wrong result can also occur if the woman has forgotten the date of menstruation.

Term of pregnancy is determined by US

However, in the courtyard is already the third millennium, and with modern equipment the date of birth can be learned very accurately, for this it is necessary to produce ultrasound before the twelfth week of pregnancy. It should be borne in mind that later, when the gestation period is longer, the error in the results of ultrasound research, and, consequently, the definition of the term, increases. This is due to significant individual fluctuations in the size of the fetus, namely, they are guided by the doctor, making calculations. At the end of pregnancy, these discrepancies are very large.

Also carried out and calculation based on the date and period of pregnancy, which is set at the first visit to the doctor. The maximum accuracy of the determination of the duration of pregnancy can be established at an early visit to the doctor.

Approximately count the date of birth according to the first movement of the fetus. If a woman gives birth for the first time, this event occurs on the twentieth week, and with repeated delivery at a term of eighteen weeks. Here, of course, everything is subjective, since the moment of the first stirring of the baby is not always discernible.

Go to the hospital at the beginning of labor

About approaching childbirth can be learned from a number of symptoms. About a week or two, the "harbingers" of labor are beginning to feel.

Most of the women observe at the end of pregnancy notice some abdominal depression, breathing becomes easier. This is due to the fact that the pregnancy is complete, there is a decrease in the number of amniotic fluid, while the fetal head is pressed to the entrance to the small pelvis. The uterus by this time begins to "train" the upcoming important processes, it becomes more excitable, and these irregular and almost painless strains of the uterus and a sense of heaviness in the lower back and lower abdomen are called "contractions of the pregnant." Not in all cases, and the doctor can tell with confidence whether this is the beginning of childbirth, or there are preparatory fights. Such a state of increased irregular excitability can continue for a day or two, but then you should report what is happening in the hospital, they will be able to determine whether there is a danger for the child.

On the day of delivery or a few days before, there may be light mucous discharge from the genital tract, they can be with minor blood veins. In such cases, it is recorded that "the mucous plug has passed away" and this is regarded as a favorable symptom of "ripening" and softening of the cervix. A large number of women at the end of pregnancy can be allocated colostrum (the precursor of mother's milk) from the nipples.

If a woman has good health and pregnancy proceeds without deviations from the norm, that is, it is favorable, then she can be at home before the birth. Otherwise, the last couple of weeks, or even more preferable to be under the supervision of health workers in the maternity hospital. So many women are now doing.