When does colostrum appear?

Colostrum Is the primary milk produced by the female body on the threshold of childbirth. The newborn receives this milk from the first to the fourth days of his life. Colostrum looks like a yellow creamy liquid. Colostrum is very valuable for a newborn - it contains a lot of protein and antibodies, while there is almost no fat and sugar in the colostrum. It is this composition that is ideal for a newly born child, since it prepares the baby's digestive system for the real milk of the mother.

Usefulness of colostrum

When it is produced and colostrum appears - this issue worries pregnant women, and not in vain. I must say that the appearance of colostrum indicates the possibility of forming the immune system in a newborn. Since it is in this - in the formation and maintenance of immunity - the task of colostrum is. Colostrum removes bilirubin from the baby's body, thereby reducing the manifestation of the physiological jaundice. In addition, colostrum acts as a laxative, gently swallowing the intestines of a newborn baby from the original feces (the original feces can be tight, black, sticky). That's why future mothers, knowing the benefits of colostrum, are worried whether it will appear on time.

In addition, colostrum is useful for the mothers themselves. With colostrum feeding, natural prevention of the female body of many possible postpartum complications occurs, for example, bleeding, insufficient uterine contraction.

So when does colostrum appear?

Colostrum begins to be produced after the placenta is separated. At this time, hormones oxytocin and prolactin provide activation of cells responsible for milk production. It happens during childbirth.

Sometimes colostrum appears even during pregnancy. Future moms appearance of colostrum on the nipples introduces into a natural error, moms ask - what does this mean and whether it is dangerous. This is not dangerous and is not at all a cause for concern, because all these phenomena are within the norm. The onset of colostrum may occur in the second trimester, which means the beginning of the process of preparing the mammary glands for the upcoming feeding. Usually, at the time of colostrum production, a pregnant woman can feel unusual sensations - itching in the nipple region., Slight burning, tingling - this colostrum is moving along the milk ducts to the outlet, to the nipple.

Less often colostrum begins to be developed and allocated in the early stages of pregnancy. Together with swelling of the mammary glands, an increase in the volume of the breast can mean the onset of pregnancy.

Sometimes the appearance of colostrum during pregnancy can mean a threat of miscarriage. There are usually several factors at the same time: the pregnant woman has a threat of abortion, she is in the hospital for preservation, and if at that time colostrum begins to appear on the nipples, this is an unfavorable sign, you should immediately inform the doctor.