Pregnancy test. How do I do the test correctly?

In some cases, the independent diagnosis of pregnancy, for all its simplicity, gives the wrong result due to several typical mistakes.

It is best to hold a pregnancy test on the first day of menstruation. So it appears on all packages of these tests. However, some women are impatient, and they begin testing a week and a half after ovulation, when the beginning of delayed menstruation has not yet been seen. There may not be a second strip that signals the presence of hCG, which is considered a hormone of pregnancy in a woman's urine. Perhaps the manifestation of this strip in a barely distinguishable form, allowing to treat the result as you like. In this case, doctors recommend that impatient women take a blood test to determine hCG. Here you can get a reliable result even ten days after the probable conception. However, such an analysis is not done for free, except that a woman is registered for infertility. Independently to do the test for pregnancy is necessary in time, otherwise it makes no sense.

We determine pregnancy correctly

In addition, you should do the test at the correct time of day. This time comes in the morning, immediately when you wake up, because at this time the concentration of the chorionic gonadotropin is maximal and it is sufficient for the appearance of the second strip with a really positive result.

Do the test and later in pregnancy, when it is already known. This procedure attempts to determine the possibility of miscarriage or a frozen pregnancy. It does not matter when to do the test, because there is no point in it. If the test even shows a negative result, it's just an error.

The test can give the wrong result in case of an overly early diagnosis, which was made earlier than the beginning of the delay in menstruation, if it is not performed in the morning. Strips should be of good quality, at least, the temperature regime of their storage must be fulfilled. Evaluation of the result should not be made later, or before the time specified in the instruction.

If a woman develops a disease that affects the level of HCG, the test can also give incorrect results. A similar condition is possible with certain oncological diseases.

What are the most reliable pregnancy tests?

To get the most reliable result, you should buy and do two or three tests that have an increased sensitivity, which is possible with the use of well-known manufacturing companies.

In addition, should be measured in the morning, still in bed, basal temperature, and at a temperature above 37 about C, it is possible to talk about pregnancy with great probability.

It is most reliable to pass a blood test for HCG, this is the most reliable method.

You can visit a gynecologist, who will also determine the duration of pregnancy.

Ultrasound examination can very accurately determine not only the presence of the fetal egg, but also its localization. In this case, the absence of an embryo in the uterus with ultrasound and the presence of other signs of pregnancy may indicate a very dangerous condition - the embryo began to develop outside the uterus.