When you can get pregnant after an abortion, a miscarriage, a frozen pregnancy

Miscarriage, frozen pregnancy or abortion - all these cases do not pass without a trace for any woman. The pain of loss is further aggravated by the fact that once again getting pregnant after an abortion or a miscarriage does not work out right away, and the woman falls into despair. Statistics tell us that pregnancy ends in a miscarriage in 8% of cases. How can you protect yourself and prevent a tragic repeat? For this we must remember that in this case, as in no other, rush is unacceptable.

Do not hurry!

The day of miscarriage or the day of curettage is considered the first day of a new cycle. And after two weeks the female body is ready again for a new pregnancy. But you can not admit it at once. We must first "work on the mistakes", understand the causes of what happened, and as a result - reduce the risk of a possible recurrence. If, for example, a miscarriage occurred on a short term - up to 6 weeks, then the cause could be various genetic abnormalities. If the miscarriage occurred after a 6-week period, the cause was most likely in any viral or infectious diseases. Therefore, before planning the next pregnancy, it is necessary to undergo a medical examination.

What kind of examination should I go through?

If a married couple did not pass the examination before the interrupted pregnancy, then you need to do it now. First of all, check for the absence or presence of sexually transmitted diseases and, if necessary, be treated. As a rule, in such cases, it may be necessary to analyze the immune status for the detection of certain blood hormones. If treatment is prescribed, you need to clarify with the doctor, after what time after the end of treatment, you can start planning pregnancy. In addition, genetic testing may be required to exclude miscarriage early.

The optimal time between the interrupted and the new pregnancy is

It is believed that earlier than six months to plan a new pregnancy can not. It is during this period that the body of a woman restores her functions and systems to again To become pregnant after an abortion, a miscarriage, a frozen pregnancy and bearing the child, while an urgent pregnancy, which appeared immediately after the interrupted, has a risk of a new miscarriage 1.5 times larger than usual. In addition, it must be remembered that if a new pregnancy again ends in a miscarriage or is frozen, then all subsequent pregnancies may, in all likelihood, end in the birth of an unhealthy child. Although the chance of becoming a mother in a woman who has had three miscarriages, still remains at 50%.

In addition, it must be borne in mind that within half a year a woman restores not only her physical health, but also a psychological one. After all, abortion, miscarriage, frozen pregnancy - this is a serious psychological trauma for any woman. And if you become pregnant again in a state of stress, the chances of bearing and giving birth to a healthy child fall sharply. According to statistics, miscarriage happens two times in a row for every 20-th pair, the third miscarriage happens in 45% of cases. So do not risk, but take care of yourself.

How to behave during the recovery period

When can I get pregnant after an abortion or a miscarriage? If you want to someday become the mother and father of a happy healthy baby, you will have to work hard on yourself. There are several commandments that must be strictly observed in order to achieve the desired result:

  • to observe the correct diet of a healthy diet;

  • engage in physical education, fitness, sports, yoga, walk a lot in the open air - in a word, to provide yourself with any feasible physical exertion;

  • refrain from smoking, alcohol, drugs and other bad habits;

  • avoid stressful situations, for which it is better to choose a quiet kind of activity;

  • try not to get infected and not get sick, and if you get sick - carefully treated.

  • Always remember that nothing is impossible, everything is in your hands. You just have to show patience and diligence, your work will be rewarded!