When you can get pregnant after taking birth control pills

Between the intake of oral contraceptives and pregnancy, there is undoubtedly a connection. And women use them both to prevent unwanted pregnancies and to accelerate it. The intake of birth control pills does not at all contradict the fact that later a woman will want to become pregnant. So, as a rule, it happens. Therefore the woman also asks a question - how quickly you can get pregnant after taking birth control pills, what are the real chances for this, how great is the risk of not becoming pregnant. Well, or vice versa - those who do not want to have a child - how great is the risk of getting pregnant after the abolition of birth control pills.

If you carefully read the instructions for the use of oral contraceptives, you can find an indication that after the abolition of pregnancy is possible in the first after the drug is canceled menstrual cycle. But in reality everything is not so smooth.

The effect of the contraceptive tablets is

What is the matter here, what is the principle of the contraceptive pill ? Preparations have such substances that act depressingly on the function of the ovaries and the process of ovulation. Ovaries seem to fall into a state of hibernation and can stay in this state for a long time. But immediately after the abolition of hormonal contraceptives, the work of the ovaries is quickly restored, the ovaries begin to work with redoubled force. It is this ability of the ovaries that gynecologists use, prescribing contraceptive pills to women suffering from infertility. The course of taking oral contraceptives in this case is usually from 2 to 4 months, then immediately after their abolition in most cases, pregnancy occurs. True, sometimes it is required to conduct not one such course, but two with a break of 2 months. A similar method, called the rebound effect, promotes the resumption of the ovulation process.

However, women who do not want to become pregnant at the moment, take birth control pills, usually much longer than 2-4 months. How to be in this case, whether the long reception of oral contraceptives affects the probability of becoming pregnant ? The answer to this question is ambiguous. Some doctors claim that conception can take place regardless of the duration of taking birth control pills. Others say that if taken very long, then with age, the situation changes, and the probability of Pregnancy after taking birth control pills decreases, especially if the drugs were taken several years in a row. And the older the woman, the longer it may take to restore reproductive functions after the withdrawal of drugs: at 22 years - several months, at 30 years - one year, at 36 or more - several years.

When can I get pregnant after taking birth control pills?

Therefore, if you decide that you will become a mother in any case - sooner or later - do not delay with pregnancy, plan it on time, while not allowing the development of any chronic diseases. And of course - take breaks in taking oral contraceptives . It is usually recommended to do break for 2 months after taking birth control pills for one year . By the way, remember that if you started packing, it must be completely used until the end to avoid possible hormonal disorders.

Do not worry if you do not immediately become pregnant after the drugs are withdrawn. Gynecologists are usually advised to give the ovaries time to fully restore healthy functioning, and at this time just go through a medical examination to identify various disorders and be treated for existing diseases.

If pregnancy does not occur within a year and a half after the abolition of birth control pills, consult a doctor - probably, he will offer you to stimulate pregnancy in any way.

In any case - everything will be fine!