When and to whom is pregnancy contraindicated?

Almost every woman wants to become a mother. The maternal instinct takes precedence over the mind. This feeling is stronger than any other. Unfortunately, there are cases when there are contraindications to pregnancy due to health problems. Often, a woman can become pregnant without any problems. And, here to bear or take out the child and, the most important thing, to give birth it or him on a state of health in any way it is impossible.

Therefore, doctors advise women to take pregnancy, very seriously. First you need to undergo a complete examination. This must be done in order to exclude all the negative consequences that can arise with the state of a woman's health during pregnancy.

The reasons for which there are contraindications to pregnancy for health reasons, there are several. The first group of contraindications include categorical reasons why a woman can not have her child . First of all, these are problems related to the work of the cardiovascular system. Doctors forbid women who suffer from heart disease (its extensive form) conceive a child. Since this can lead to the death of both mother and child. With such diseases of the cardiac system, the process of oxygen shortage begins in the female body. Such circumstances can lead to tragic consequences. But, with the average forms of heart defects, women can give birth to children. Only, in this case, women are under more careful medical care. They are not allowed to give birth in a natural way. In such women, a child is born with the help of a "cesarean section."

The next group of contraindications to pregnancy for health reasons, there is a lung disease in a woman. If a woman with this kind of illness thinks about pregnancy, she should know that with the development of the fetus, she may have a breathing problem, which, first of all, will lead to the death of the child and in case of untimely assistance, the woman herself.

Kidney disease and pregnancy

Also, doctors categorically forbid the approach to pregnancy for women who have chronic kidney disease (kidney failure). The fact is that during pregnancy, the kidneys of the future mother work twice as intensively. And with their diseases, they can simply refuse.

Women who have such diseases as autoimmune (lupus erythematosus, cirrhosis, acute forms of rheumatism) are strictly forbidden to have children. The probability of giving birth to a living, healthy and full-fledged child, to women with such diseases, is very small.

For health reasons, women who have diseases of the endocrinological system in acute forms, and also, cancer, are strictly forbidden to bear and bear children.

Also, doctors do not recommend giving birth to children to women who suffer from any form of epilepsy. A weak sex, having such a diagnosis, will not be able to bear the child and even more so, to give birth to it.

All kinds of diseases that develop at the genetic level also leave no chance for a woman to experience maternity.

Specialists - physicians, women who have at least one of the above diseases, strongly recommend sterilization. It helps to exclude pregnancy.

Another group of contraindications to pregnancy for health reasons is a temporary group. In this case, a woman can experience the joy of motherhood, but after a certain period of time.

This kind of contraindication includes any exacerbation of chronic and infectious diseases.

Also, during the period of drug treatment, a woman is temporarily forbidden to think about pregnancy.

Also, doctors categorically do not recommend women, over the course of a year, after having transferred surgical interventions to their bodies, to think about planning pregnancy. Since during this period the body regains its strength after the operation. For health reasons, the female body is very weak. And in order to endure and give birth to a healthy child, a minimum of one year must pass.

What about excess weight?

Women who suffer from overweight, as well as lack of it, doctors temporarily prohibit giving birth to children. To prevent pregnancy without complications, and the child was born healthy, women who are underweight, doctors recommend taking a high-calorie diet. And, on the contrary, women who have an overabundance of body weight, recommend using a low-calorie diet. And after a while, it will be easy for them to bear and give birth to their baby.

Also, doctors with caution approach pregnant women who have HIV infection. In this case, the chance to give birth to a healthy uninfected child is distributed 50/50. Therefore, before conception with such a diagnosis it is recommended to undergo a full diagnostic examination.

Women who have a disease, either the first or the second group, do not need to despair. Medicine does not stand still. Some 10 years ago, doctors categorically forbade giving birth to children who have a disease such as diabetes mellitus of the first degree, ischemic heart disease. Today, women with such diagnoses give birth to quite healthy children.

Medicine is keeping pace with the times. And, if before it was impossible to treat this or that disease, today there are many diseases that can be cured. Doctors every year reduce the list of diseases in which it is strictly forbidden to have children. And women belonging to the first group, there is a real chance to experience the joy of motherhood.