Insomnia during pregnancy: causes, treatment

Pregnancy often brings a woman not only joy from the consciousness of impending motherhood, but also all sorts of health troubles. It is understandable: after all, the woman's body is in a special condition and needs more attention than ever before.

Pregnant women get acquainted with many phenomena, which they did not even know about before: heartburn, toxicosis, constipation.

One of the most unpleasant conditions during pregnancy is insomnia. Why does it happen during pregnancy?

Why does insomnia arise during pregnancy?

Already in the first trimester, insomnia can make itself felt. This is due to hormonal reorganization in the body, which comes, so to speak, in a state of combat readiness, is mobilized. And all its organs and systems begin to function at full power, and inside the body hard work is already under way.

The reasons why a pregnant woman starts to worry about insomnia, concern many things:

  • First of all, this is discomfort in the stomach, which appears due to the growing uterus. Becoming more every day more and more uterus fills in the abdominal cavity free space, and for the stomach actually does not remain. And if a woman densely supped before going to bed, then the overcrowded stomach in a cramped situation can hardly cope with their work, and, as a consequence, the heaviness, pain in the left hypochondrium;

  • Another reason for insomnia is uncomfortable position . Especially this happens on a long pregnancy. A suitable pose is difficult to find. The posture on the back during pregnancy is extremely undesirable, and those who are accustomed to sleeping on their back suffer from the desire and undesirability of such a pose. Lying on her back, the pregnant woman experiences the pressure of the uterus on the diaphragm and the spine, breathing becomes more difficult, pains appear in the back. Therefore, it is best to sleep on your side;

  • Frequent urge to urinate also can not give to sleep. This phenomenon is explained by the same compression - the bladder is squeezed by a pregnant uterus and can no longer contain much urine. To eliminate this problem, you must first, before going to sleep, try not to drink water, and secondly, when you visit the toilet you need to lean more forward to completely empty the bladder;

  • Sometimes pregnant women are not allowed to sleep at night cramps in the legs - usually in the muscles of the lower leg. Such cramps are the result of a lack of certain trace elements - calcium, potassium, magnesium;

  • Overwork - One of the factors causing insomnia. Even in the usual state, fatigue often leads to insomnia, what to say about pregnancy. The loads that pregnant women sometimes take on themselves are incommensurable with their capabilities. It is necessary to rest more, not to worry in an empty way, to let go of all the worries and fears;

  • Do not give sleep at night can already itself. baby, which on the last terms begins to stir actively, and often kiddies arrange dancing at night;

  • And still pregnant at times can not fall asleep because of the intolerable itch, which occurs in the abdomen. This is because the skin on the abdomen is very stretched, which causes a very unpleasant itch.