What is the optimal time for a girl to give birth to a child

Each age has its own characteristics for conception and childbirth.

According to experts, a healthy baby can be given at any age, but a number of knowledge of the characteristics of the woman's body will be needed.

When is the best thing for a girl to prepare for pregnancy?

Science claims that most of the girls are already ripe for thirteen-fourteen years,

and by the eighteen already in full force their reproductive system functions.

Since at this age the organism is not primarily burdened with chronic diseases, adaptation to pregnancy is easy, and it is believed that it is possible to take the session in twenty years, being pregnant.

Up to twenty years, the vast majority of pregnancies are unplanned, so there is usually no question of any pregnancy planning and medical examinations. Since the presence of infections hangs in the air, you should immediately go to the exam for a doctor.

In addition, at a young age, the hormonal background is still unstable, it is possible a deficiency of progesterone, which is the main hormone of pregnancy, and this is fraught with problems with the formation of the placenta. To correct these deviations, a blood test is performed on the hormones.

In a developing organism, that is, up to eighteen years, some parameters do not have time to achieve normal results. In particular, every eighth-tenth has an anatomically narrow pelvis. Sometimes hypoplasia is diagnosed (immaturity of the muscular layer of the uterus), and this is not fraught with bearing. This danger can be minimized by exactly following the recommendations of your doctor.

It is very important for girls under eighteen and the support of close people, since, not for women who have reached a psychological age, pregnancy is often a stress.

With regard to the upper limits of conception, it is obvious that the age is up to thirty years, since by the age of 20-25 the female organism has been prepared to bear and bear the child. Working at full capacity the system is able to provide the fruit in the best possible way. In addition, there are practically no age conditions that can complicate the course of pregnancy and childbirth. Behind is the age crisis. Responsible young parents should also plan a pregnancy for this age. And psychologically they at this age are easier to cope with problems. Moreover, by this age a significant part of women already manage to achieve some material stability, so they can afford to break in the career race.

Do not forget that pregnancy can trigger hidden somatic conditions, and a woman about their presence may not even suspect. When bearing, there is always an increase in the load on the internal organs, especially the kidneys, liver and heart. These additional loads can cause the body to fail. Therefore, during this period it is very important to undergo all additional examinations, appointed by the doctor and follow all his recommendations.

In our time, there are far fewer vigorous supporters of childbirth at the age of a mother less than thirty years old. Modern women often and at thirty-five years for health reasons are not inferior to twenty-five. Naturally, you should undergo a thorough examination, control the weight, adjust the diet, muscle condition, consult a geneticist. All this will significantly reduce the risk of complications. Therefore, it is possible to think about the birth of a baby and at thirty-five, especially since after the birth of a child, women are predominantly well-groomed, thanks to the large additional number of female hormones that have a very positive effect on appearance. Moreover, after thirty years, certain career heights have already been achieved and the child will be able to devote more time, compared with the twenty-five year old. That is why, perhaps, later children are more developed.

However, already by the age of forty, the body has time to accumulate more age-related changes and pregnancy will be more difficult for a woman to bear. There is a higher probability of developing diabetes mellitus, toxicosis, hypertension, there are possible problems with the placenta, still often it is necessary and give birth through caesarean section. But with an active lifestyle, strict adherence to the advice of a doctor, there is a high probability that the woman herself will cope with the task of giving birth.