What are the uses of drops in the nose during pregnancy

Widely and successfully used by common colds drops in the nose not always possible for pregnant women. This is especially true for vasoconstrictors, and most drops and sprays, just have this effect. When using such drugs, it is possible that they are absorbed and affect the entire body as a whole. In this case, there will be a narrowing of all blood vessels, including the blood vessels of the placenta, and a decrease in placental blood flow can cause a slowdown in the development of the fetus due to deficiency of oxygen and nutrients. In addition, it is not desirable to use such drugs by women prone to high blood pressure.

Therefore, without consulting a doctor, it is better not to buy such drugs on the advice of friends and acquaintances. The fact is that even plant-based drops can contain components that can damage pregnancy.

The choice of drops in the nose during pregnancy

It is better to stay on natural and safe remedies for the treatment of the common cold, such as drops with menthol, inhalations, washing the nose with saline solutions and herbal decoctions.

Often the common cold of pregnant women does not need special treatment. This is one of the manifestations of hormonal adjustment, which occurs with a pregnant woman. However, and all changes in nasal breathing to explain the characteristic for pregnant changes, too, can not, so you can skip and a serious infection. It is necessary to consult with ENT.

The rhinitis, initiated by hormonal reorganization, passes in an independent order in the first hours after sorts. But the difficulty of nasal breathing, which is pronounced, can damage a woman's health, because if a person breathes through the mouth, the air is not cleansed and warmed, but enters the lungs directly from the street, which can lead to inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract.

Drops on the basis of natural components

One of the best options for pregnant women, so that both effectively and safely - saline solution. This composition includes sea salt, the most common of them - Saline, Merimer, Aquamaris.

Doctors always allow the preparation Pinosol when carrying a child, it is a mixture of essential oils of medicinal plants. These are drops in the nose during pregnancy, which, contributes to its recovery of the nasal mucosa. Permitted, as well as homeopathic Euphorbium compositum and EDAS-131. However, it should be noted that they are effective for every person in different degrees. It is very common, available and is allowed for use in cases of congestion in pregnant women of Kalanchoe juice. It should be dripped four drops three times a day.

Preparations, with a risk zone

But drops in the nose on the basis of xylometazoline pregnant women should be used with extreme caution. These are drugs such as Galazolin, Vonas, Ximelin. Cautious should be and when deciding whether to use Sanorin and Naphthysine. The same applies to Tysin and Fariy, and Vibrocil and Sanorin-analgesin, in addition to vasoconstrictor substances, contain an antihistamine component.

Drops in the nose during pregnancy, which include oxymetazoline, are generally contraindicated for use in pregnancy. These are such well-known drugs as Nazivin, Ferveks, Nazol, Fazin.

In any case, taking even authorized medicines, listen to the doctor's recommendations and carefully read the instructions for use. Do not increase the set dosage in any way.