What weight can you raise for pregnant women?

During pregnancy, the expectant mother should be extremely attentive to herself, because she is not alone, she has a baby. And so there are restrictions for pregnant women. They relate, among other things, wearing weights. Let's figure out how much weight can be lifted to pregnant women, how many kilograms is the permissible norm in their position.

Ideally, even to ask such a question a woman in the situation is not worth it, just be careful and not raise any weight. But life is life, and situations are different, absolutely nothing to do is simply unreal. And complete inaction can be even more dangerous. And household matters have not been canceled yet - and cleaning, and buying food, etc.

The reasons why pregnant women can not carry weights

And what is the danger of lifting weights and even physical activity? The fact is that this way you can provoke a miscarriage. Of course, this happens not at all and not always, but it happens. In the risk group are pregnant women who have an increased uterine tone, uterine prolapse or poorly developed musculature. If the pregnant woman after lifting the heavy, feel the pain in the lower abdomen, while there were blood discharges, you need to immediately call an ambulance.

But if the pregnant woman is not at risk, can she be lifted hard? And this question is negative. With the lifting of weights, there are other dangers. During pregnancy, the load on the spine and joints increases, and lifting and carrying weights is an extra provocation. If you incorrectly lift a heavy object, you can "earn" yourself a serious illness - a vertebral hernia, for example, or raudiculitis, osteochondrosis.

There is one more reason why a pregnant woman should not lift weights - it's varicose. The pregnant woman's body weight increases, and the extra weight creates an extra burden on the legs, so a few extra pounds can lead to an expansion of the veins. In order for this to happen, pregnant women need to walk a lot daily, strengthen the ligaments and muscles of the legs, thereby improving blood circulation.

What weight can you raise for pregnant women?

And now we will pass directly to the answer to the question posed. The greatest weight, which is permissible for pregnant women, is 3 kg . Above this, lifting weights is highly undesirable. In addition, pregnant women need to understand for themselves certain rules - specific safety rules.

1. Any load should be distributed to both hands and preferably evenly. If this is not possible, it is better to carry a heavy object not on weight, but by hugging it with both hands.

2. Lifting weights from the floor should be done correctly - without bending, but squatting. This removes the load from the waist, and part of the effort is carried to the feet.

3. Sharply get up and pick up items jerk it is impossible - the head can be dizzy. Movements should be smooth and calm.

4. Pregnant it is desirable to buy a special bandage - it will help to remove excess load from the waist and from the legs, while fixing the lower back in the correct position.