Interruption of pregnancy with folk and medical drugs

Interrupt unwanted pregnancy can be means that exclude surgery and associated unpleasant moments.

Folk remedies for abortion

Usually it is infusions and decoctions of herbs with abortive effect.

Their reception provokes a contraction of the uterus, leading to a spontaneous miscarriage.

Many of these drugs are effective enough, however, one must remember that some herbs are poisonous, and their use can have side effects no less than with the intake of synthetic drugs.

It is unknown how the body will react to the use of herbal infusions or broths, so there is always a danger of damaging health and the risk of remaining sterile.

  • Жеруха

  • The grass is well rinsed, doused with boiling water, chopped in a meat grinder or finely chopped and squeezed out the juice, which is diluted 1: 2 with water, boiled and consumed 4 times throughout the day on a tablespoon.

  • Highlander bird and mountaineer pochechuyny

  • Pour a liter of boiling water 100 grams of a dry mixture of herbs and a few hours to insist, strain and consume three times throughout the day for a third of the glass.

  • Spring primrose and hay leaf

  • Pour a glass of vodka with 20 grams of dry mixture and cook on a very low heat under the lid for 5 minutes. Take tincture 4 days in the morning and in the evening for 10 drops.

  • Thyme

  • Pour 20 grams of dry herb thyme with a glass of vodka and cook over a very slow fire for 5 minutes. Store the product in a cool place, take 2-4 times a day for not more than 10 drops.

  • Ledum marsh

  • Pour a teaspoon of boiling water a teaspoon of dried shredded herb tea, two hours to insist, drain and consume no more than two tablespoons of warm infusion three times throughout the day. The plant is poisonous, there should not be an overdose!

  • Rosehip fruits

  • A glass of boiling water pour 50 grams of fruit and insist 5 hours. Take 3-4 times during the day before eating a glass.

  • Oregano

  • Pour a glass of boiling water a tablespoon of herbs, after a few minutes strain and add the infusion into the tea in an amount of 2-3 table spoons.

  • Carnation luxous

  • Pour a teaspoon of chopped clove seed with a glass of boiling water, insist two hours, strain and take infusion in the amount of two tablespoons three times throughout the day.

    Medical means of abortion

    Recently, interruption of pregnancy with the help of medications has become increasingly popular.

    This type of abortion is called medication, for its use drugs:

  • Mifepristone,

  • Mifyprex,

  • Mifygin,

  • Mythophian,

  • Pencrofton.

  • The principle of their action is based on blocking the receptors of progesterone - a hormone that provides the first months of a normal course of pregnancy.

    For medical abortion, pregnancy is important, so drugs have a time frame for use. On average, the gestation period should be up to 6 weeks, the last consider the 42nd day, starting from the first day of the last month. In the early term (4 weeks), the drug interruption of pregnancy is more effective than in the subsequent period.

    Medical abortion is conducted in medical institutions under the supervision of a doctor, it is considered the most safe for a woman's health and does not affect her ability to bear childbirth.