Herpes on the lips during pregnancy: causes, treatment

On the lips of a modern person you can often see unpleasant pimples-pimples, which people call "colds" or "malaria."

This disease is caused by one of the herpes viruses. Types of herpes infection are many, herpes on the lips - is so-called. simple herpes of type 1 or genital herpes of type 2. The carrier of the herpes virus is practically all of humanity - according to some sources, nine people out of ten or more.

The herpes virus penetrates into humans even in early childhood. Throughout life, the virus can be in a dormant state and, without waiting for favorable conditions, never wake up. If the body for some reason weakens then the herpes virus raises its voice - there is an exacerbation. The first precursor of exacerbation of herpetic infection is - on the inner surface of the cheeks, in the tongue, in the corners of the mouth. Then there is a swelling, which turns an itchy bubble with fluid inside. The liquid in the vial contains a variety of herpes virus pathogens. After a while, the vesicle bursts, the liquid flows out of it, and an ulcer forms on the site of the bursting vesicle. It is at this stage that herpes is particularly contagious. The ulcer is covered with a scab, which eventually disappears. Herpes is calming down.

Herpes on the lips during pregnancy

Embryo-embryo in a woman's body is essentially a foreign body. And in order to avoid rejection of this foreign body, nature prudently laid the mechanism of immunity decrease in the mother. Therefore, infection with the herpes virus during pregnancy does not lead to the development of antibodies to the virus. The herpes virus is very small and because of this it can penetrate the placenta with the blood flow, thus infecting the fetus and then multiplying in its tissues. If the infection occurred in the first trimester of pregnancy, it can lead to the interruption or fading of pregnancy. If the pregnant woman was infected during the last months of gestation, then the onset of early childbirth may occur, as well as possible damage to the central nervous system, eyes, and liver. At the same time, the risk of infection is 70%.

If a woman has been infected before pregnancy and is already a chronic carrier, then during pregnancy herpes on her lips will not cause any special problems, the fetus will also not be infected. If before the birth symptoms of genital herpes appear, the obstetrician-gynecologist decides instead of labor to conduct a cesarean section to avoid infection of the fetus during passage through the birth canal. Perhaps the woman was infected before the onset of pregnancy, and the virus simply did not manifest itself. Through breast milk, the herpes virus is not transmitted, but the mother should often wash her hands while breastfeeding, use a mask, avoid kissing.

Treatment of herpes in pregnancy

It is necessary to treat herpes, despite the fact that it is impossible to cure it to the end - this will increase the chances of having a healthy child. The doctor usually prescribes antiviral drugs and medicines to improve immunity. But during pregnancy, medicines can not be used, at least not all. However, the harm from herpes can be greater than from taking the medicine. Apply only those drugs that will appoint a doctor.

Medicinal preparations against herpes:

  • Panavir (inside and outside)

  • Acyclovir (externally as an ointment)

  • Zovirax

  • Oksolinovaya ointment

  • Erythromycin ointment

  • solution of interferon (for external use)

  • Vitamin E

  • Folk remedies for herpes:

  • fir oil

  • sea ​​buckthorn oil

  • ointment of calendula

  • chamomile cream

  • Power supply:

  • excluded fatty foods

  • the sweet products
  • are excluded.
  • it is necessary to drink a lot of tea with kalina, with honey, a lot of liquids