Preparations for the interruption of early pregnancy

In this article, we list the main pills for interrupting an early pregnancy, but medical abortion is a serious matter, and the independent use of drugs for these purposes is unacceptably categorical.

What are the advantages of medications for early medical abortion?

Conducting early abortion reduces the possibility of hormonal imbalance in the body; The abortion is performed without surgery surgical interventions; the body of the uterus does not produce any mechanical effect; in the application of anesthesia is not necessary.

What are the shortcomings of means for abortion? Disadvantages are also significant: serious side effects, for example, bleeding disorders, various bleeding, the risk of developing a tumor, hormonal abnormalities, inflammatory phenomena. In addition, medical abortion never guarantees the desired result.

Preparations for non-surgical abortion


Mifepristone is a new generation drug, which is actively used for non-surgical abortion at an early pregnancy - up to 6 weeks (after a 6-week period the drug is already ineffective).

The drug has a number of contraindications for use. It can not be taken with glaucoma, epileptic seizures, diabetes, during pregnancy after the abolition of oral contraceptive, with hemorrhagic disorders, after prolonged treatment with corticosteroids, with severe lesions of internal organs, anemia, endometriosis, uterine myomas, with the likelihood of ectopic pregnancy.

The cost of Mifepristone on average is about 2 thousand rubles in Moscow's apricots.


This drug can be attributed to emergency contraceptive medicines. The active ingredient is mifepristone. It can be used by women who did not give birth to children - the drug will not lead to secondary infertility.


This is a modern drug for interrupting pregnancy before the 6-week period, contributes to the removal of the fetal egg from the walls of the uterus. Sometimes the drug is used to stimulate labor. The active substance is also mifepristone.


This drug is highly effective and well tolerated, after its administration, a woman may have bloody discharge for some time.


The drug Postinor refers to the means of contraception and is used for an emergency termination of pregnancy (literally the next day). The drug is endowed with a triple action mechanism: it delays, and in some cases stops the process of ovulation, interferes with fertilization and changes the natural structure of the inner shell of the uterus.

Postinor can be used within 72 hours. after unprotected sexual contact as an emergency measure to prevent the onset of unwanted pregnancy. The drug does not give a 100% guarantee of the result. The first tablet should be taken immediately after sexual intercourse, the second - after 12 hours.

The cost of the drug Postinor is 250 rubles in the pharmacy chain of Moscow.