How to clean a frozen pregnancy? The results for women after this

As a rule, the risk of a frozen pregnancy falls on the terms from 3 to 4 from 8 to 11 from 16 to 18 weeks of pregnancy.

This phenomenon can be called a natural selection.

How to clean a frozen pregnancy, and what consequences for women can be, let's talk in this article.

The causes of frozen pregnancy

  • Genetic disorders. If the frozen pregnancy is not an isolated case, then it is worth to visit genetics.

  • Presence of an infection. Unfortunately, there are too many sexually transmitted infections and, as a rule, they are asymptomatic. Not always a couple before the conception of a child undergoes a medical examination, therefore, "hiding" infections can cause a weakening of the woman's immunity, and also negatively affect the viability of the embryo.

  • Hormonal disbalance. As you know, during pregnancy the body of a woman is full of raging hormones. Sometimes a lack of estrogen or progesterone, as well as their imbalance can trigger a threat of miscarriage or affect the development of the fetus.

  • Harmful habits of the future mother. Of course, it is better to get rid of them before conception of the child, however, if you regularly allow yourself a glass of wine or a cigarette, this can lead to a huge loss, remember, the baby's health is in your hands!

  • Vitamins. The lack of folic acid in the body, as well as an overabundance of vitamins A and C, can provoke rejection of the fetus.

  • How to clean a frozen pregnancy?

    A woman with an approved diagnosis of "frozen pregnancy" is sent to clean the uterus. At a small time, it is possible to extract the deceased embryo by vacuum extraction. Sometimes, when it comes to a long time, scraping does not, but provokes artificial delivery by inserting into the uterus a special solution that causes fights.

    Consequences of a frozen pregnancy?

    First of all, the consequences for women after a frozen pregnancy are of a psychological nature, namely the fear of another loss. That is why, a woman can postpone the conception of a child for a long time.

    With timely and safe removal of the embryo with frozen pregnancy, there should not be any consequences. 90% of women who could not bear a child subsequently give birth to healthy children, not immediately, of course, the rehabilitation period should be at least six months, sometimes it takes a year to fully restore the female body and soul healing.