What is the basal temperature during pregnancy

Having learned about their pregnancy, disciplined women go to the doctor-gynecologist for registration. At the first visit to the doctor, some pregnant women learn that they need to monitor the so-called basal body temperature. In this article we will touch on the question - what is it, exactly which women need to track it and why is it necessary at all. [/i]

When and how to measure?

Basal temperature during pregnancy is measured in the rectum by a conventional medical thermometer. It is in this place that the temperature of our body is called basal. Some believe that it can be measured in other places - in the vagina and mouth, but this is not entirely true. The most accurate basal temperature readings will only be when it is measured exactly in the anus. And, it is necessary to observe some rules of measurement. BT is measured every day in the morning, at the same time. The measurement is made only by one thermometer and strictly up to bedtime. The thermometer is inserted into the rectum for five to ten minutes at an angle of 90 degrees, while the woman lies on her side. Sleep should be full and long. Sex should not be at least 4 hours before the measurement. The result is recorded in a special measurement schedule for BT. Basal temperature is measured up to 14-20-week period, then it does not make sense to measure it.

Why measure the basal temperature?

In pregnancy, the basal temperature is higher than in the normal state. The fact is that as a result of the coming pregnancy in the body of a woman, the hormone progesterone begins to be produced in an enhanced mode, which causes an increase in BT. Doctors recommend to monitor the basal temperature level for the possibility to control the course of pregnancy. Since if the temperature decreases, this can mean any deviations, so you need to take action. After 14-20 weeks, other hormones start to be produced in the body, which stabilize the temperature background of pregnancy, and there is no need to track BT.

Normal basal temperature during pregnancy

Rate of basal temperature in the event of pregnancy during the delay . The norm in the second phase of the menstrual cycle is the temperature of 37.1-37.3 which decreases to 36.9 days before the menstrual cycle. If the basal temperature continues to be elevated for 18 days in the absence of menstruation, this is the indicator of the pregnancy that has occurred. In the first trimester of pregnancy, the temperature fluctuates between 37.1-37.3 sometimes 37.8 and maximum - 38.

What to do if BT during pregnancy is low . If you notice that the basal temperature is below 37 degrees and continues to hold at this point for several days, be sure to go to the doctor to inspect and identify possible complications. If the decrease lasts one day, it is fearless and can be associated either with an incorrect measurement or with a pregnant woman's condition.

Basal temperature with ectopic, frozen pregnancy, miscarriage

Basal temperature is increased in any pregnancy, with ectopic too, since progesterone is produced in both cases. If the pregnancy stops developing, that is, it stops, the temperature drops below 37. However, there have been cases when, against a background of fever, pregnancy ceased to develop. Therefore, the measurement of BT does not always show the right picture. But these are exceptions, and there are no rules without exceptions. In any case, lowering the basal temperature is just an indirect sign. With a miscarriage, a true symptom is the bleeding that begins when the temperature is high.

[i]If the basal temperature is too high
. In this case, most likely, we have to talk about any inflammatory phenomena in the body of the pregnant woman - the diseases that have begun. Or, this again may be an error in the measurement of BT.