How to strengthen and prepare the muscles of the vagina for childbirth?

Preparation for childbirth is a very important moment for women. And it is natural, that everyone involuntarily is afraid of advancing sorts as they are connected with a pain. How can you help yourself in this matter? It turns out that this is quite possible. Help to facilitate a generic process can be, by strengthening and preparing the muscles of the vagina for the forthcoming birth.

To strengthen the vaginal muscles there is an intimate gymnastics Kegel, which allows you to make births less painful. In addition, such gymnastics, leading to muscle tone, helps to solve some problems that arise after the birth. The exercises below also help to maintain the health of women at the proper level, avoid operations, improve the intimate side of life.

The purpose of doing exercises

So, Kegel exercises to strengthen the muscles of the vagina and the entire pelvic floor. These exercises work on the principle of compression and relaxation of the vaginal muscles. The end result: the muscles become elastic, tightened, the circulation of the pelvic organs improves, the sensitivity of the erogenous zones grows. In addition, it is an excellent prevention of urinary incontinence - uncontrolled urination and inflammatory processes. At childbirth, the risk of tissue rupture is reduced. During intimacy, sensitivity increases, sexual attraction increases.

How to feel the muscles that need to be prepared for childbirth?

This is simple enough: sit on the toilet and during urination compress the muscles so that the urine stream stops. It is these muscles that you will feel, and will be needed for training. Another way to determine: pre-washed finger put inside the vagina and try to squeeze it with muscles. Those muscles that will pinch your finger, and there are the right muscles.


The exercises themselves are quite simple and convenient - they do not require the presence of a special place, rug, time, etc. They can be performed wherever and whenever, no one will see what you are doing. And the results appear after a few weeks of training.

In intimate gymnastics there are three types of muscle movements - compression, ejection, contraction. These movements need to be performed on an empty bladder. At runtime, it is very important to ensure that the muscles of the abdomen and buttocks are not strained, otherwise you will waste time, straining very different muscles!

Slow compression. Strain the vaginal muscles, imagining that you are stopping the urine stream. Keep the muscles in a tight compressed state for up to 10 seconds, then relax. So you need to do just 10 approaches. After a week, keep the muscles in tension for 20 seconds already.

Reduction. Reduction is a rapid alternation of tension and relaxation. For 5 seconds you need to have time to squeeze and relax the vaginal muscles several times. Just relax and repeat the exercise for 15-20 seconds. Gradually it is necessary to bring the number of abbreviations up to 100 times.

Pushing out. This is the same compression, only the emphasis is on relaxation. Imagine that your vaginal muscles are breathing - squeezing it in, relaxing - exhaling. So pushing is a long exhalation. So you need to repeat 10 times, the number of approaches - up to 30 times a day.

By the number of approaches and specific exercises, pregnant women should always consult a gynecologist!