Calculation of the date of delivery

Naturally, the date of delivery is a very exciting issue for any future mother. Assuming the date of conception, some women mechanically add to it another nine months, and receive, as it seems to them, the expected date of delivery. However, here initially lies the error, since the pregnancy continues not exactly nine calendar months, but ten lunar months, that is, two hundred and eighty days.

However, even more correct methods of determining the date of birth by the date of conception are also fairly simple. In the female body, conception can occur only during the period of ovulation, when a mature egg leaves the ovary. The duration of the menstrual cycle is from twenty-eight to thirty-five days, and ovulation occurs in the middle of the menstrual cycle. Hence, if the date of ovulation is known, a woman can easily predict the date of delivery, although some women experience a special feeling. For example, there may be felt aching or stitching in the lower abdomen, the amount of discharge from the vagina increases, some even have mild smearing discharge from the vagina, and sexual desire is increasing. Quite accurately you can determine ovulation by ultrasound.

If the date of ovulation is unknown, you can not philosophically slyly calculate the middle of your menstrual cycle and consider this date the day of ovulation. It is possible to mark this day with special celebrations and it is not necessary, but if you add 280 days to this date, you will determine the expected date of birth. If you know that your menstrual cycle lasts twenty-eight days, then the day of ovulation, it's about the 12th - 14th day of the cycle.

Exact calculation of the date of birth

More precisely, if you calculate the date of birth by the date of sexual intercourse, it is absolutely reliable, if in the last menstrual cycle, the sexual act was single. In this case, however, it should be taken into account that spermatozoa can be active up to several days in the female body. In other words, if unprotected intercourse was performed on the tenth day of the cycle, it is quite possible that ovulation and conception occurred somewhere on the thirteenth day. Therefore, you should not clog your head, and calculate the date of birth should be based on the date of conception, - from the day of ovulation.

You can try to determine the date of birth, given the date of the last menstruation.

So usually gynecologists come in when they ask a woman - when she had the last menstruation. The doctor to determine the duration of pregnancy and the probable date of birth should know only the day of the first day of menstruation, since it is from this day the countdown of the menstrual cycle and is being conducted, while calculating its duration.

The formula of Negele for the calculation of genera

There is a very simple Negele formula for determining the date of birth. To use this formula to calculate the date of birth, it is necessary to take three months from the first day of the menstrual cycle and add seven days. For example, the date of the beginning of your last monthly - the third of April. Having taken three months, we get the third of January. After adding seven more days, we will receive the tenth of January, which is the expected date of birth.

However, this method does not always show a high-precision result, since it is intended to calculate the date of delivery in women, with a menstrual cycle lasting exactly twenty-eight days. If the cycle lasts longer, the date of delivery, other things being equal, will come a little later and vice versa. It is clear that with an extended menstrual cycle, ovulation will be later, but with a short earlier standard range from the twelfth to the fourteenth day. With an irregular menstrual cycle, determining the date of ovulation is a difficult and rather vague task, depending on many unknowns. This method here does not exactly fit.

The most accurate method of determining the date of delivery should be considered ultrasound, which is carried out before the twelfth week. If you undergo ultrasound at the earliest possible time, your pregnancy can be determined with an accuracy of almost one day, and this will make it possible to calculate the approximate date of conception and childbirth.