Stimulation of labor at home. Medical stimulation of childbirth

Stimulation of birth can not be called an organic and natural method of delivery, but there are times when it becomes necessary. It happens that the time has come to give birth, and the woman does not feel any symptoms. In these cases, the gynecologist can decide to stimulate childbirth, as there is a risk of harm to the future child.

But it is possible to stimulate generic activity independently. How to do it - this will be discussed in this article.

When is the birth stimulation really necessary?

First of all, it is necessary to understand that a pregnant woman may have a genetic predisposition to overstrain, and in this case, try to speed up the event should not be. If the family had such cases, you need to inform the doctor about it.

In addition, the length of the woman's menstrual cycle is important: if her usual cycle is more than 35 days (there is a cycle and for 45 days), then the pregnancy will last longer than those whose cycle has a duration of 28 days, although this rule does not work in all cases. Such a prolonged pregnancy is called prolonged pregnancy.

Methods of stimulation of childbirth at home

Medical stimulation of labor is used in certain critical cases and only under the supervision of an obstetrician-gynecologist and in hospital settings.

But there are also absolutely safe "grandmother's" methods, which are checked by time:

  • The perfect stimulation of labor is having sex, and the important thing is getting the sperm into the vagina. The semen contains prostaglandins, which are absorbed into the blood through the mucous membrane and act as a stimulant. In addition to the pelvic region during sex, blood flows, which also contributes to stimulation;

  • To accelerate childbirth it is possible, actively moving, and up to fatigue. For example, walking up and down the stairs, walking, cleaning the house, intense rubbing of the windows. Of course, all these actions should be cautious, and relatives should know about it in order to help in any case;

  • Stimulate the uterus can be by irritating the nipples. Massage and stroking is very helpful. After delivery, the same method is used - in order for the uterus to shrink more quickly and come back to normal. Reflex irritation of the nipple zone causes uterine contraction;

  • Laxatives, enemas and in general any methods that cause shrinkage of the intestinal wall, can also contribute to the acceleration of childbirth. The intestine acts on a nearby uterus located, and its musculature also begins to work, which makes it possible to speed birth. The strongest laxative is castor oil. One acts almost always. In the past, in general, stimulation schemes with castor oil were used in maternity hospitals. Castor oil can be eaten by pouring it onto a piece of salted black bread.

  • Medical stimulation of labor

    In the case of diagnosis of a pregnant pregnancy, the doctor prescribes the stimulation of labor. A woman is hospitalized in a maternity hospital. The most correct method of stimulation is preparation for the birth of the cervix. To do this, drugs are introduced that soften the cervix, then drugs that stimulate the uterus. The birth takes place completely physiologically. However, the procedure of opening the fetal bladder is more often used, due to which the water flows and the birth can begin. Although, I must say, normally the largest part of the generic process should take place with the whole bladder - in this case the fetus progresses softer.