How to recognize pregnancy before delay. The first signs of pregnancy before the delay

Determination of pregnancy before the delay very emotional and exciting question. In the opinion of doctors - irresolvable, they believe that the opportunity to determine a woman's condition appears only after the onset of a delay in menstruation.

It is meaningless to recognize pregnancy before the delay, if after sexual intercourse less than ten days have passed since signs of pregnancy just can not be. A well-known fact - conception can occur only in the period of ovulation occurring in the middle of the menstrual cycle, and this is approximately 12-14 days from the start of the last menstruation. If you do not have your own personal results of the calendar methods of determining ovulation, try to perform self-diagnosis on the twenty-fifth day of the cycle, a couple of days before the expected start of the next menstrual cycle. There is no point in doing research before.

Recognize pregnancy at basal temperature

That is, if you previously conducted studies of your cycle, for example, by measuring basal temperature, then by temperature values ​​you can find out the day of ovulation, when conception is possible. With ovulation, the temperature rises to 37 0 C or even slightly higher than the values ​​and persists almost before the onset of menstruation. And if there is a pregnancy, the temperature will be increased a couple more trimesters.

How to recognize pregnancy before delay? In the morning immediately after awakening, measure the rectal temperature. If it is elevated, it is possible that ovulation was. Were there sexual intercourses between the middle of the cycle and the time of temperature measurement? If there were, then pregnancy is possible.

The test for hCG - will show the first signs of pregnancy before the delay

You can try to cheat pregnancy tests and check up a couple of days before the supposed start of the menstrual cycle, the test should be with increased sensitivity and the procedure should be done from the very morning. Still, it is advisable not to urinate for six hours before the test, then hCG concentration in the urine will be maximum, and, in case of a positive test result, the test will turn. With a negative or undetectable result, when the second strip is much weaker than the first, do a second diagnosis in a few days. A weak second strip rather indicates a positive result.