Calculation of hospital maternity and childbirth in 2014

The duration of maternity leave is 126 calendar days - 70 days before the birth and 56 days, starting from the day of birth. In case of complicated delivery and the birth of more than one child after childbirth, 70 calendar days are provided.

For women from category 1-4 affected by the Chernobyl NPP - 90 calendar days before and after delivery.

When a child is adopted from a maternity home, leave is 56 calendar days from the day of adoption, with the adoption of two or more children - 70. Maternity leave is paid.

If a woman is officially employed, payment of leave occurs at the place of work. The amount of payments is defined as the product of the average daily (hourly) salary for the last six months of work and the number of working days (hours) that fall during the maternity leave.

In the calculation of payments, in addition to the basic salary, there are production bonuses, surcharges and surcharges, one-time bonuses in proportion to the worked time, vacation pay, and earnings during business trips. On the basis of exclude hospital payments (they do not accrue insurance premiums) and material assistance.

If the pregnant woman at the given enterprise worked less than six months, for the accounting period months are accepted, worked out by it actually.

If the future mother did not have earnings (as a result of parental leave), the amount of payments is calculated on the basis of the monthly salary at the tariff rate.

Categories of the calculation of the hospital for pregnancy 2016

Since July 12013 legislative amendments have been introduced, according to which 2% are kept from maternity payments to the budget. In addition, such payments are subject to ERUs - employers must charge them with 33.2%.

State maternity assistance is given to pregnant women who are not insured in the system of compulsory social insurance - unemployed, female students, female entrepreneurs. The accrual and payment of benefits is carried out by the Labor and Social Protection Department of the population in the place of residence.

Unemployed women charge 100% of the minimum unemployment assistance, but not less than 25% of the subsistence minimum for able-bodied people per month. Women who are registered with the Employment Center are temporarily removed from the register after receiving the sick leave sheet.

Female students receive a benefit of 100% of a monthly stipend, but not less than 25% of the subsistence minimum for able-bodied people. If the student does not receive a scholarship, the benefit is equal to unemployment assistance.

Women-business entities allowance is calculated on the basis of daily average earnings. Payers of the single tax must apply to the Social Insurance Fund at the place of registration. The amount is calculated on the basis of a certificate of payment of a single tax for a period of at least 6 months. When registering a fixed tax, the amount of the benefit will be 100% of unemployment assistance, you have to apply to UT and SZN for its processing.