Partner birth. How to properly prepare for childbirth

Many future parents on the issue of partner births are always lost and give ambiguous answers.

The possibility of the presence of the spouse in the generic process and the assistance of the future pope as a partner is not even discussed by many.

For many people partner births just unacceptable and many couples consider this a complete delusion.

What is the role of the future father in the generational process?

To finally understand what a woman needs a spouse for childbirth and what she wants from him as an aid, you need to consider some points.

The only true explanation, not without logic, is support and love, which will help a woman to go through this difficult test.

If you absolutely want to see a loved one at a time when there will be labor activity, you can enjoy his stay during labor, and not take him with you to the final stage of childbirth.

In both cases, the fact that the father of the family is near you will be considered that the birth takes place with the partner.


What responsibilities are assigned to the father of the future baby with partner birth?

Panic and a sense of fear and uncertainty - that's what almost every woman feels when the pregnancy enters its final stage. And this state is most often determined not by a woman's willingness to accept the inevitable. And even obstetricians with experience assure that it is very rare to meet a woman in labor who was completely ready for childbirth. Of course, preparatory courses and trainings give their results, but practice can in fact be too different from reality. Many, even well-informed couples do not know how to behave during childbirth (especially during the first pregnancy), despite the fact that regularly attended the preparation courses for childbirth.

What can the future dad do?

  • It is logical that the future dad at the initial stage of labor should calm his wife, than to remove a sudden panic and in time to call the ambulance. And when the waiting time came out and gather in the maternity hospital it is time, it is also necessary to inform the treating gynecologist that everything has already begun.

  • Also, the spouse's duty should be to check the interval between fights and their intensity and check the availability of all necessary documents and bags with things.

  • Upon arrival at the hospital, the husband must take care of all the questions concerning the organization and filling of the required papers. Questions are discussed most often related to the placement of the mother in the ward, but there may be additional, which the future father of the child will have to answer. But the future mother is at this time to adjust themselves to the crucial stage and not be distracted by the cases in which they can be understood without it.

  • The longest period of labor is a period of labor. And it is in this preparatory stage that a woman squanders all her strength. Therefore, with the onset of attempts, many pregnant women are already completely exhausted and draw energy from them not from where. Here the husband can come to the rescue and make sure that the woman feels protected and, gathering strength, remembered everything that they were taught in the preparatory courses. Namely, postures and breathing. And the husband should apply during this period a massage aimed at relaxing the muscles and suggesting to the wife exercises that relieve tension.

  • When the baby's head is already showing out, the attempts are more intense and intense, but at that moment it is just impossible to let the baby jump out quickly. Such a rapid birth can lead to a rupture of the perineum and often the midwife specifically during this period asks the mother to not sulk, but few of the women perform this command and as a result numerous tissue ruptures take place. The main task of the spouse at the time of pressure is to make the doctor listen. And as soon as the obstetrician pronounces the command to stop pouting, the pope should immediately deliver it to his wife. On the assurances of doctors in 99% of cases, this remark women really hear and perform impeccably.

  • Nowadays, practice is successfully applied when, after a cesarean section, the baby is not put on the breast of a mother who sleeps from anesthesia, but arranges the baby on the wide paternal breast. Such a bodily connection allows you to keep a chain of kinship and populate the baby's organism with the necessary and very useful microorganisms.

  • Thus, the description of the father's participation as a partner in childbirth can be termed complete. The most important thing is that finding him during a difficult and such a long-awaited moment with a beloved woman and his help in preparing a package of documents and fees in the hospital are very necessary and effective methods. The ability to recognize a fleeting glance or any movement of a partner will help make childbirth easy and unforgettable. Of course, one should not hope that a woman as a soldier will do everything on command, but she will do some things correctly, rather than facilitate her condition and the course of childbirth.

    The partner's task is to fulfill the duties assigned to him in a responsible manner and to become an indispensable assistant for the woman and her reliable support. And it will also help the mother to feel a strong man's shoulder and the support of a loving man that will become a pledge of their kind relations for a long time of marriage and a happy period of motherhood and paternity.