How to properly wear a bandage to pregnant women?

Whether to wear a bandage, how to put it on and why it is generally needed - all this a woman, as a rule, thinks only at late pregnancy, when the doctor tells her about the need to wear a bandage.

Why put on a bandage

For medical reasons, a bandage for a pregnant woman is needed in order to remove unnecessary strain on the spine, especially if the pregnant woman often moves a lot, and also if there is pain in the back or she periodically feels tired. In addition, the bandage is recommended to be worn from an aesthetic point of view - to avoid possible stretch marks on the abdomen after childbirth.

Doctors also believe that the antenatal bandage is also needed in order to fix the future child in the right position at the moment when he dropped into the mother's pelvis at the prenatal moment. This is necessary so that it does not turn over and stay in the position with the head down. Even if the child is already lying down, the bandage should be worn, since in this case the child will still take the correct head position, which will save the doctors from having to do a cesarean section.

Kinds of a bandage for pregnant women

An antenatal bandage for pregnant women can be made in the form of panties or in the form of belts.

The first version of the bandage is essentially underwear. And it is inconvenient that he will have to urinate and remove again every time he wants to. In addition, every day it is necessary to wash it or buy a few such tires, which can "fly in a pretty penny."

It is much more convenient to use a bandage for pregnant women in the form of a belt, which is made with Velcro. As the abdomen grows, the size can be adjusted in this way.

Bandage is also a kind of rubberized tape, which is put under the bottom of the abdomen. In this case, the bandage can be supplemented with a cheholchik to close the upper abdomen.

How correctly to put on a bandage?

To wear a bandage was effective for pregnant women, it should be worn correctly.

  • Putting a pillow under the ass, lie on your back on a padded bandage.

  • A few minutes to lie still, so that the child could move slightly from the lower abdomen up. At the same time the muscles of the abdomen should become lighter, and the feeling of heaviness and excess pressure on the bladder should pass.

  • Tightly fasten the brace.

  • Roll over and calmly stand up slowly.

  • You can wear an antenatal bandage up to 5 hours a day, but it all depends on what feelings appear in the pregnant . If the child is worried when wearing a bandage, it is better in this case to periodically remove it. If it is comfortable for you and the child, you can wear a bandage, removing it only occasionally. That is, you need to be guided by your own and your child's well-being.