How correctly to wear a bandage to pregnant women?

Bandage during pregnancy is recommended for all future mothers, the bandage is needed to facilitate the carrying of the child, reduces the burden on the spine, prevents the appearance of striae (stretch marks), in addition, if a woman wears a bandage, the baby is easier to take the position necessary for birth.

About how to properly wear a bandage to pregnant women, that is, an antenatal bandage, a gynecologist should tell.

Types of antenatal bandages

  • Panties

  • Belt

  • Bandage panties for pregnant women

    How to wear such a band is understandable to everyone - like underwear. The disadvantage of this bandage is that wearing it causes a lot of inconvenience, due to the need to often remove and again pull the bandage because of frequent urination in pregnant women. But that's not all, the panty band requires special hygienic care (panties after all!), So it will have to be washed often enough, or to get two-three bandages, but this requires material costs.

    Prenatal bandage-belt

    Thanks to velcro fasteners, the bandage can be easily adjusted as the abdomen grows. The advantage of this band is its ease of use, the possibility of adjusting the size, high efficiency, does not require unnecessary movements when visiting the toilet in comparison with the bandage pant.

    There is another type of bandage that is used in pregnancy - combined. It can also be used after delivery for abdominal pulling. Such a bandage has a different width behind and in front, with pregnancy in front should be located a narrow part, and after delivery - on the contrary.

    How to wear a bandage to a pregnant woman?

    In order to properly wear a bandage you need to take a horizontal position, put a pillow under the buttocks, this will allow the baby to move slightly up. The abdominal muscles will relax, you will feel light, while the pressure on the bladder will decrease. Now you can fasten the bandage. Get up carefully, after turning on your side.

    If you feel uncomfortable while wearing a bandage, you may be doing something wrong. Consult with a doctor or reduce the time of wearing a bandage - no more than five hours a day.