Mucous plug before delivery. How does the

Under the influence of hormones, the cork begins to form from the first days of pregnancy. It is a large lump of mucus that protects the uterus from getting infections from the vagina. The production of mucus is carried out at the expense of female hormones and glands located on the cervix of the uterus.

What is a slimy plug?

Nature itself has ensured that during pregnancy the fetus is protected from external influences, including the risk of infectious infections. Mucous plug tightly clogs the entrance to the body of the uterus, where during the entire period of pregnancy a child develops.

There are no norms for the removal of the plug before delivery, it departs on different terms. More often it occurs seven or less days before the start of labor, but not earlier than three to four weeks before the birth. Departure of the cork means that the cervix has slightly opened, resulting in small vessels damaged. Therefore, slimy plug before delivery has bloody veins, with a detachment of the placenta, there is nothing in common here.

How does the cork go before giving birth?

Cork comes before giving birth thanks to the preparation of the female body for the birth of a child. The cervix gets a more smooth structure and begins to gradually unfold. The muscles of the uterus come in tone. Under the influence of the hormone estrogen, clogging the cervical canal slime, diluted, freely leaves the canal and through the vagina comes out. It should be remembered that the departure of the cork does not mean the onset of labor, it is considered the beginning of regular fights.

In the norm tube before delivery can come out as a bunch at a time, or in small portions over several days. This does not affect the process of preparing for childbirth.

The mucus itself can be clear, yellowish, beige or light brown. Doctors usually pay more attention to the color of amniotic fluid (green indicates that the child suffers from a lack of oxygen).

Auricles and cork

In childbirth, a decayed plug may cause fear if the blood in it is not observed with veins, and spotting persists after its withdrawal. Blood at this time of pregnancy can mean that the placenta has become detached, and this is dangerous for the child's life. In any case, the fact that the cork has departed must be reported to your gynecologist, and he will already make a decision on how to proceed.

Before birth, the exit of the mucous plug is often mistaken for the passage of water, but these two phenomena differ from each other. The amniotic fluid does not have such a dense consistency, they are transparent, and flow continuously. The release of amniotic fluid is intensified when the walls of the abdominal press are strained, which can occur during sneezing or coughing.

Features of the departure of the plug

It should be noted that departure of the mucous plug before delivery not all pregnant women occur beforehand. Cork can close the cervical canal before the onset of labor. There is nothing to worry about and there is no need to worry about this. Sometimes the plug leaves during showering or in conjunction with the amniotic fluid. But this happens rarely enough.

Another important condition for a child to be born healthy. If the mucous stopper has departed, the way to the child inside the uterus cavity is open to the penetration of infections and microorganisms. When the child remains defenseless, all the time before the birth it is necessary to observe extreme caution. Through the water, infection is very easy, so you should not take a bath (shower only), visit the pool, bathe in natural water. Actual personal hygiene - frequent change of underwear, washing only boiled water.