How to increase hemoglobin after pregnancy?

During the second pregnancy, hemoglobin was very low -92

In a short time I raised it to 135 I took raisins as much as fit in my hand. I washed it, put it in a half-liter jar, and poured it with steep boiling water. So that the water will cover the raisins. Then she covered the jar with a lid. The scheme for taking this medication is simple, but it can not be violated. there will be no effect.

Listen very carefully! Prepare a clean spoon, a jar with this raisins and put at the head of the bed near the pillow. Just put it so that you do not turn it over at night, and in the morning, without getting up from your bed and lifting your head from the pillow, you could eat this raisin with a spoon and drink all the water. Only after that you can get up. Do this every day until the hemoglobin is normal!