Pine bath for health. How to use

Pine bath is not only a pleasant procedure, but also useful for human health.

It helps to alleviate the symptoms of many diseases and improve the overall well-being of a person.

To be convinced of its curative effect for an organism, it is necessary to understand, how the pine bath works.

What diseases does the pine bath treat?

Needles and young pine cones are just a storehouse of useful substances, which include vitamins, essential oils, mineral elements, phytoncides. Pine extract has a bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect on the human body, promotes liquefaction of sputum, stimulates thermoregulation.

A tray with a decoction of needles and cones is considered a hygienic and medical procedure, it is advised to take it with the following diseases:

  • Diseases of the respiratory system . These include tuberculosis, pneumonia of varying severity, rhinitis and sinusitis, tonsillitis, etc. Substances contained in needles kill pathogenic microorganisms, relieve inflammation, dilute viscous sputum and promote its early elimination. The effect occurs when taking a pine bath when breathing in fumes.

  • Skin diseases . Sores and pimples on the skin are often caused by bacteria. With the systematic reception of pine cones, the condition of the epidermis improves, the itching disappears, the abscesses diminish in size or disappear altogether.

  • Pathologies of the urinary tract . Cystitis and inflammation of the urethra are a consequence of the multiplication of pathogenic rods and cocci. Antiseptic components of pine help to solve the problem.

  • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system, such as osteochondrosis, gout, extra-articular rheumatism, require comprehensive treatment. Relaxing pine baths will be an excellent addition to the traditional methods of therapy.

  • Psychosomatic diseases . To get rid of insomnia, stress, increased fatigue, doctors recommend swimming in coniferous infusion before going to bed.

  • Where and how to collect a pine bath?

    In pharmacies are sold special concentrates, essential oils, extracts, as well as pine needles and kidneys. But you can get the ingredients yourself, the main thing is to know what, where and when to collect.

    The best option for collecting is young twigs and bumps. Khvoinki are rich in ascorbic acid, phytoncides, useful microelements. In green cones are essential oils and vitamins (K, C, E).

    Specialists do not recommend the collection of pine branches in the city and near industrial enterprises. Plants of the industrial zone are covered not only with dust and soot, but also carcinogenic substances and heavy metals - and all this will get to you on the skin while swimming! It is better to make a pleasant walk through the forest, far from the motorways for a distance of 1 km or more, to collect the twig itself.

    Collection of ingredients is produced at any time of the year, but it is worth remembering that in winter trees contain more useful substances. Cones are best cut in March (before the active growth and reproduction of trees).

    Pine is used in fresh or dried form. Drying is carried out in the open air, spreading the material in a thin layer, or in special devices (a mushroom dryer is suitable). Dried needles are placed in cardboard boxes or cloth bags, stored in a ventilated place in the dark.

    How to make a bath?

    To achieve the best effect, you need to know the parameters of the pine bath, specifically, the water temperature and the amount of pine. To prepare the broth, take 200 g of crushed pine needles and cones, place in boiling water and boil for 10 minutes. After this, you can insist the elixir under the lid or use immediately, after straining.

    The optimum water temperature should be strictly 35 ± 2? C.

    To enhance the relaxing effect, you can add up to 5 drops of essential oil to the bath.

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    Experienced phytotherapists advise to relax in a pine bath in the evening before going to bed. To relieve tension from the muscles, you can do exercises - slowly and smoothly. The optimum residence time in the bath is 10 to 20 minutes. Get up from it without hurrying, holding on to the edges. At the end of the procedure, you should rinse in a warm shower, lie down to rest.

    Can I hurt myself?

    Every medical-prophylactic remedy should be used wisely. The following are the situations in which a pine bath will have a negative effect.

  • Excess dosage. Too much pine can cause an attack of suffocation or a skin allergic reaction.

  • High water temperature. Hot water contributes to a sharp increase in pressure. Especially dangerous is the excess water temperature for hypertensive patients.

  • Medical contraindications, they are more detailed.

  • If the body has cuts, sunburn, then swim in coniferous infusion can not be to avoid exacerbation of skin irritation. Also, such a procedure is not recommended for people suffering from cancer, bone defects, heart disease and large vessels.

    If there is an allergy to pollen, you should refrain from contact with cones. In this case, you should use a decoction of some needles.

    Procedure for pregnant women and children

    During pregnancy, water procedures with needles should be taken with caution, carefully monitoring the temperature of the water. At future mothers, the pine bath has a soothing, relaxing effect, improves blood circulation, helps eliminate edema. In the last months of pregnancy, the legs swell especially hard, and the bath becomes hard to take. In this case, it is better to replace coniferous compresses.

    For children, aromatic water procedures can only harm in the case of an allergic reaction, which are extremely rare in pine. If the child is not allergic, then once a week you can pamper it with a fragrant. This is especially true for schoolchildren experiencing constant stress. Experts recommend the reception of pine baths hyperactive, often sick children.

    Thus, observing the elementary rules of taking a pine bath, you can strengthen immunity and improve your health.

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