Damage to the birthmark in everyday life. What to do? When should I see a doctor?

The accumulation of specific cells in a specific area of ​​the human body called melanocytes leads to the formation of a speck - a nevus or a mole.

Such specks require special treatment.

They can not be traumatized. Damage to the birthmark is much more dangerous than other wounds on the human body. This is due to several reasons.

What is the difference between damage to the birthmark from other wounds on our body?

The main danger in damage to the birthmark is that as a result of a violation of the integrity of the cutaneous formation, cells with a pigment can enter the blood. As a result, a person may experience such an unpleasant disease as melanoma.

Damage to the birthmark is also fraught with infection in the human body. This will lead to a rapid inflammation of the nevus and the subsequent occurrence of the same melanoma. It should be noted that melanoma is a malignant tumor, which requires immediate treatment. In most cases, malignant formation appears on the skin, so it can be identified at the initial stage, when a cure is still possible. This disease can occur in people of any age.

Thus, the main difference between damage to a birthmark from other wounds is a high probability of developing a cancer. But simple wounds on the body are dangerous only by getting the infection.

What can happen to the mole?

Rip off or minor injury to the birthmark does not always result in the appearance of a tumor. In some cases, a similar benign formation may occur on the site of the old birthmark. Moreover, a slightly damaged birthmark can well successfully heal and not bother. However, this requires proper care for the damaged area of ​​the skin.

Damage to the nevus can have different consequences.

Most often as a result of injury, bleeding occurs. And these bleedings can become regular.

Also, the boundaries of the mole may change. It can become asymmetric.

Another consequence of the injury is the change in the shade of the nevus. Depending on the nature of the damage, it can both darken and whiten.

The formation of the crust is another possible consequence of the trauma of this cutaneous formation.

Finally, painful sensations, itching and unpleasant burning sensation can appear on the damaged area.


What kind of doctor should you contact when you have a mole injury?

The first specialist who should examine the injured skin area is a dermatologist. He carries out the examination, diagnosis and treatment of damaged moles.

For diagnostics, a device such as a dermatoscope is usually used. After examining the injured area, the dermatologist can refer the patient to the surgeon. In the absence of a dermatologist, a primary examination of an injured nevus can be performed by a therapist or pediatrician (in children and adolescents). After this, the therapist should refer the patient to the specialized specialists.

In some cases, you may need a radical way to solve the problem - excision with a scalpel. Thanks to surgical intervention, it will be possible to avoid the degeneration of the birthmark into a malignant tumor. It should be said that in this case the consequences of the operation - scars and scars - can remain on the patient's body.

Another doctor specializing in the diagnosis of damaged nevi is the oncodermatologist. It is this specialist who is involved in the diagnosis and treatment of melanoma. In order to determine the presence or absence of this disease, the oncodermatologist appoints a number of laboratory tests. In particular, a histological examination is appointed, which allows to determine the nature of the nevus.

Separately it is necessary to tell about damage of birthmarks in the field of a mammary gland of the woman. In this case, in the first place, it is worth turning to a mammologist.

How to treat a damaged birthmark?

In case of damage to the nevus, first of all, it is necessary to treat the injured area of ​​the skin with diamond greens, hydrogen peroxide or any other antiseptic available at hand.

It is very important not to tear off the birthmark completely, if it has already separated from the skin. To do this, it must be fixed by means of a patch with a pad. Also, it protects the nevus from possible contact with ultraviolet rays. After this, you should go to the doctor as soon as possible, who will inspect the damaged area and select the most effective treatment.

When is it necessary to remove a birthmark?

Thanks to modern technologies, today it is possible to remove virtually any birthmark without problems. Removal of the nevus can be recommended in the following cases:

  • increased moles;

  • change in color and shape of the nevus;

  • serious damage to the birthmark;

  • minor damage to the nevus, but in a place that is prone to injury;

  • education on the skin is aesthetically ugly.

  • Removal of the nevus is most often performed by means of a laser. This method is considered the safest. In this case, the wounds remaining after removal, heal within 1-2 weeks.

    An alternative method is exposure to liquid nitrogen. This technique is also considered absolutely painless. And after such an operation there is not a single scar left. The disadvantage of cryodestruction is considered to be the impossibility of removing the nevus immediately. Therefore, for a complete removal, several operations are required.

    What are the symptoms after a nevus injury should I see a doctor?

    One of the main symptoms of serious damage to the birthmark in everyday life is the appearance of purulent, clear or bloody discharge from the injured area of ​​the skin. The main symptoms are also the change in the size and color of the nevus.

    The reason for calling a specialist is the appearance of contrast points, the emergence of painful sensations, burning and itching.

    Another symptom is considered to be the disappearance of hairs from the surface of the nevus.

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