He will be killed in the anus. What are the reasons? How to treat?

When itching appears in the anus, a person is ashamed to go to a doctor with a delicate problem, tries to solve it on their own, but this can be a symptom of a serious illness.

When scores in the anus, you just need to take and go to the doctor, this is not the case, which can be treated spitfire.

With discomfort in the intimate zone, nervousness appears, the quality of life deteriorates sharply, work capacity decreases.

The list of the reasons of the reaming in the anus is diseases

Anal itching can be a symptom of bowel and rectum disease, can be scratched from intestinal dysbiosis, frequent visits to the toilet, constipation, all this irritates the anal area. Often, the itching is accompanied by pain and sukrovichnymi or bloody secretions, the reason for this are:

  • Hemorrhoids, internal and external;

  • Pointed condylomas;

  • Anorectal fistulas;

  • Polyps;

  • Rectum cracks;

  • Chronic proctosigmoiditis;

  • Malignant neoplasms of the rectum.

  • The reason for the overthrowing are helminths, especially pinworms, which descend to the sphincter and lay eggs. At night, the itching is worse.

    At a dysbacteriosis in an intestine the pathogenic microflora prevails, from it the area of ​​an anus is irritated. The culprit of discomfort can be skin diseases, dermatitis, psoriasis, flat red lichen, seborrheic eczema.

    The cause of the carving in the anus become sexual infections, in women - gynecological diseases, candidiasis, in men - prostatitis, urethritis.

    Pediculosis (caused by pubic lice) also leads to itching of the entire perineal region.

    Diseases not associated with the genitourinary tract also cause itching in the anus:

  • Obesity (accompanied by increased sweating);

  • Diabetes mellitus (sugar is present in the urine, a nutrient medium for the development of bacteria);

  • Diseases of the liver, pancreas, biliary dyskinesia, gastritis;

  • Hepatitis of infectious nature;

  • Avitaminosis;

  • Gout.

  • Household reasons

    When using toilet paper of poor quality, rough, with flavors, with dyes, irritation of the skin around the anus occurs and it begins to itch.

    Poor hygiene of the genitals, inability to wash, also affect your well-being. If it is washed away from time to time, you can be constantly irritated by discomfort in the intimate zone.

    To household reasons do not poison life, you should regularly and well wash, preferably after each visit to the toilet for defecation. Wash with plenty of running water without using soap.

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    What tests should I take?

    Identify the reason why scores in the anus, it is possible after examination. Determine the symptom will help a doctor proctologist, gastroenterologist, dermatologist on the basis of visual inspection and test results, for this purpose the directions for delivery are given:

  • General analysis of urine and blood;

  • Blood for sugar and glycosylated hemoglobin;

  • Biochemical blood test;

  • Kala on the eggs of helminths;

  • Kala for dysbiosis.

  • In addition to these studies, the patient can be assigned instrumental examination, colonoscopy and anoscopy. Questioning the patient, collecting an anamnesis allows you to clarify the diagnosis.

    What kind of clothes should not be worn?

    Synthetic underwear, especially tight, with protruding seams can dramatically worsen the state of health in the perineum, from it often scores in the anus . Fashionable panties, thongs and the like, can cause skin irritation, as they dig into the crotch and rub the genitals and anus.

    Underwear should be cotton, quality, classic cut. If it is not possible to acquire it, then the synthetic one must have an insert in the middle of the panties, and only of cotton. Synthetics are not hygroscopic, the remains of urine corrode the skin, the panties will be constantly moist.

    When often scores in the anus, recipes of traditional medicine help.

    To remove the itching, you can make warm baths with decoctions of herbs, water should be warm, 37 degrees. To prepare the broth, chamomile and calendula, birch buds and oak bark, oatmeal in the form of kissel will do. To sit in a bath it is necessary 30 minutes, before a dream, within 7 days that the effect was oshchutimym.

    Soothe itching and irritation can be a cool compress, for this gauze is taken sterile and moistened with cold water. You can wrap the ice in it, then attach it to the sore spot. Helps and Vaseline with cranberry juice, to prepare the preparation, mix 200 g of Vaseline with 50 ml of cranberry juice. Apply on the itchy surface in the morning and at bedtime 7 days in a row.

    5 creams for reducing itching

    The choice of cream depends on the cause of itching, with dermatitis and other problems with the skin, prescribe drying products, with hemorrhoids appoint heparin ointment, she is the best at coping with burning and overthrowing, killing a bacterial infection. Heparin relieves swelling of the tissues, irritation, after eliminating the cause, the well-being improves.

    Relief, copes with a delicate problem, it includes shark liver oil, which can quickly heal wounds, anal fissures, reduce hemorrhoids, and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

    Hepatotrombin G removes itching, is prescribed for hemorrhoids and external, and internal, heals cracks, in the rectum is introduced a special attachment.

    The drug Aurobin eliminates pain, burning, discomfort in the intimate area, is used for cracks in the anus, inflammation.

    Flemming ointment helps strengthen the walls of blood vessels, removes the inflammatory process, because it includes calendula.

    What can lead to ignoring the overthrow?

    Ignoring a problem such as an itch in the anus, can lead to disastrous consequences. Overgrazing is often only a symptom of another, often very serious pathology, and the disease that is not diagnosed in time passes into a chronic stage, whose treatment is difficult. Especially dangerous if the reason for the itching of the anus is cancer of the intestine or rectum.

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