The onset of pregnancy. How to determine with iodine

Among the many diverse folk medical techniques, there is also a method of determining pregnancy with the help of iodine, which some healers enjoy with success.

Iodine takes part in all the processes that take place in the body.

Everyone knows iodine in the form of a thick brown alcohol tincture, which is sold very cheaply in any pharmacy, it is used for various injuries.

Determination of pregnancy with iodine

Traditional healers claim that this is a fairly accurate method.

For its implementation it is necessary to prepare:

  • iodine;

  • a sheet of white paper;

  • pipette;

  • capacity for urine.

  • Carrying out:

    Urine is collected in the bowl on an empty stomach in the morning, immediately rising from the bed. Next, one of the two test methods is used, although both can be applied simultaneously.

    The first method is . A prepared sheet of paper is lowered into the receptacle with urine and, after waiting for it to become impregnated, it is extracted. Pipette a few drops of alcohol tincture of iodine paper and begin to study the results of these manipulations. To blue spots of iodine indicates that the probability of pregnancy is quite high. In the absence of blue, they conclude that there is no pregnancy.

    The second method is . This method is somewhat more complicated, in the sense that you need to act very carefully here, or maybe just fill your hand. A drop of iodine is dripped into the container with a pipette, so that the drop does not fall into the liquid, and then touches its surface. After that start to observe the drop. They say that there are two possible variants. If a drop of iodine has spread over the surface, there is no pregnancy. The drop is divided into smaller fragments, which also sink to the bottom, then a new life arises in the woman's body.

    Apparently, both these methods are not so simple, and if one considers that daily or regularly such studies are unlikely to involve anyone and "fastened hands" can not be found so quickly, then there is a very likely error in the test. But still these techniques exist and are passed from mouth to mouth.

    Can I trust such pregnancy tests with iodine?

    Doctors and just chemists argue that iodine can actually turn blue, reacting with a number of substances, among which all is known starch. Plants put it aside as a carbohydrate "in reserve". As for the human body, it does not produce starch, so this option should not be considered.

    With some very serious diseases, protein can be excreted into the urine. This protein is called amyloid and it can also color to give a blue color, interacting with iodine containing preparations. However, this requires not an alcohol solution of iodine, which is usually used in home gynecology to determine pregnancy, as pregnancy itself does not initiate the release of protein into the urine.

    If the urine in the jar is still blue, it means that earlier in this dish there was a product containing starch, after which the jar was washed not very carefully.

    Even among national experts, opinions about the pregnancy test with iodine are quite contradictory, and doctors firmly believe that if the test showed the correct result, then there is a common coincidence.

    The only positive feature of this manipulation is that it is completely safe for the body, unlike many other techniques that can be heard from friends, acquaintances, neighbors or just in line. Of course, not all women store test strips at home for pregnancy in storage rooms, but it is better to wait a day and get this standard kit in the pharmacy, as there can be no comparison in the sense of "reliability" with the "iodine test". If you still decided to use this iodine technique and went for iodine to the pharmacy, grab in there just in case and a few strips - pregnancy tests. They certainly will be useful.