How does labor before birth begin and the stages?

All future mothers are afraid of labor, especially women, waiting for the first-born. Contractions are contractions of the uterus, repeated periodically and accompanied by painful sensations in the lower abdomen and waist region. It is with labor that the process of labor begins, it is very important not to confuse with false struggles.

Getting ready to become a mother, a woman will climb in the Internet and ask her friends, as a result she will come to the conclusion that the contractions are unbearably painful! And already psychologically prepares himself for pain. In modern medicine, pain relief is used at delivery, but if a woman gives birth free of charge, medical workers are reluctant to take this step.

The beginning of fights proceeds painlessly, the woman feels only a periodic tension to the stomach, which, perhaps, has already become used, since such contractions are observed from the twentieth week of pregnancy.

The second stage of contractions is

After the painless phase, the second phase of contractions begins. Sharp pain, spasm, that is, a fight occurs in the region of the hip joints and lasts at the beginning of a few seconds. The interval between fights is exact (in contrast to training fights) and, as a rule, is 10-12 minutes, after which the fights become more intense, more painful. Between the contractions (in this seemingly short period) the pain is not felt. Thus, the bouts reach a point where the duration of the bout can be two minutes, and the interval between them is 40-60 seconds. Now you can be sure, until the birth of your long-awaited baby there is a maximum of forty minutes, after which this pain will disappear.

Of course, contractions - a complex process. , they appear at a time when the baby is ready to come into the world and his pituitary gland, along with the placenta, develop substances that promote the opening of the cervix.

Disclosure of the cervix Is the most important process in childbirth. Contractions before delivery are accompanied by contraction of the uterus, muscle fibers thicken and shorten - this is what causes the opening of the uterus for the passage of the baby. The maximum opening of the cervix is ​​twelve centimeters, or, as doctors say, twelve fingers.

Intrauterine pressure acts on the fetal bladder, provoking its rupture, after which the passage of amniotic fluid is observed. Each organism is individual, therefore, the rupture of the fetal bladder does not occur in all women - some have leakage of amniotic fluid, and some require an opening of the bladder.

The most important thing - relax during fights, and even more so when the fights overtake you already during the birth of your crumbs.