Skirmishes in primiparous women. What are the sensations

Genera, especially in primiparas, do not begin at one time. They are preceded by birth labor, from the beginning to the beginning of the actual birth, if these births are first, it takes about 10-12 hours, and in some cases - all 24 hours.

Contractions - painful sensations that appear with the onset of the birth process, accompanying the opening of the cervix.

Irregular contractions can occur during the prenatal period, they help the cervix prepare for the upcoming birth. Often the primiparas take them for the beginning of real fights, and may even go to the hospital.

There are signs on which it is easy to distinguish preliminary fights. Such fights are not regular, they do not increase and do not increase, and are not as intense as the labor. Although the pain may seem quite tangible, it is quite possible to cope with it by changing the position of the body, walking around the room or taking a warm bath.

Of course, if a woman gives birth for the first time, she has nothing to compare her condition with, but it's impossible to confuse birth pains with nothing. At a real birth, the uterus strains, coming into tonus, and the pregnant woman, with her hand on her stomach, can feel it. There is a feeling that the uterus contracts, as if "grasps" and it becomes hard, becoming hard. Many describe their feelings as a tension in the muscles of the abdomen, which gradually intensifies, and then subsides.

Begin birth labor with unclear drawing and aching pains, which in some primiparous women appear immediately in the uterus, and in some, arising in the region of the lower back or middle of the back, they roll in waves on their sides, encompassing the pelvic region and the entire abdomen. Pain in the beginning of a woman's fights is compared to painful menstruation, with the difference that over time her attacks intensify and become more frequent. At this stage, almost all women fairly easily tolerate the onset of labor.

However, time passes and gradually contractions intensify, they become more frequent. The pain appears in the upper abdomen, then grabs the lower back, passes through the legs, reaches the fingertips, causing a sensation at the peak that the whole body hurts. At this time, the condition of the pregnant woman can be alleviated with the help of medications.

Symptoms of labor contractions

A primordial woman can accurately determine the true birth pains on the following grounds:

  • beginning, the bouts do not stop;

  • the intervals between them are reduced;

  • the pain gradually increases;

  • the duration of contractions increases.

  • The duration of the bouts is

    The duration of the first bouts is 30-40 seconds, and the interval between them is 15-20 minutes. The nearer the time of delivery, the stronger and longer the fights become, and the interval between them is shorter. When the interval between contractions is on average 5-7 minutes, and the duration of the bout is 45 seconds, you can go to the hospital. If the waters are gone before the onset of regular bouts, you should immediately go to the hospital because of the danger of intrauterine infection of the fetus.

    A sign that the cervix has fully opened and a child is born soon is considered to be fights that last a minute, repeating every two minutes.