How to get pregnant better?

All that you find on the pages of various sites about how best to get pregnant, you need to perceive a very, very relative and "divide by two." After all, pregnancy, conception is a mystery of nature, it does not depend on the mind and desire of man. Sometimes people do everything by the rules, but the child does not come into the house, and others do not adhere to any rules and have not one child.

What is the matter here? Not taking into account the moral and ethical aspect of the issue, it must be emphasized that the main problem of conception is the ill health of one of the partners. Therefore, all the tips that the internet teases are not helpful if the main reason why a desired pregnancy does not occur is not found.

And based on this obvious postulate, on this page we would like to limit ourselves to helping young and healthy people realize their desire to have a child - we will consider the basic postures that will help to become pregnant with a healthy woman.

Ideal poses for pregnancy

  • Missionary position. The rapid onset of pregnancy in many ways depends on how soon the spermatozoon gets into the uterus. In this sense, the missionary posture allows the sperm to reach the goal in a short time - the release of sperm is ideal, as the penetration of the partner into the vagina is quite deep.

  • The pose on the lap is the partner from behind. This position also contributes to a very deep penetration of the male partner in the vagina. Sperm is released next to the cervix, which again allows spermatozoa to reach the depths of the uterus in a short time.

  • Upbeat buttocks and thighs of a woman. When a woman puts a cushion or a small pillow under the buttocks and thighs, a straight path is created for the released male secret through the vagina into the cervix and further. Spermatozoa make their way with fewer obstacles and reach the ovule in a very short period of time.

  • Thus, we see that the most ideal pose is any that will allow the partner to make a deep penetration, and his sperm - to be released as close as possible to the cervix. Spermatozoa quickly lose their mobility, and many of them do not remain viable for long, therefore, if it takes a little time to reach the ovum with spermatozoa, they will not have time to lose their mobility and vitality and fertilize the egg cell.

  • What else should be considered?

    To get pregnant for sure, in addition to taking care of health, you need to take care of the timing of sexual activity. The chances of getting pregnant are increased if you have sex at a certain time of the month when the woman is most capable of conceiving. This is the time of ovulation. Define the days of ovulation can be in different ways - it is better to find an additional source of knowledge. Let's remind only that for determination of the days most suitable for conception one can use the method of daily monitoring of rectal temperature.

    But the most important is remember that even if you observe all the rules of correct conception using ideal poses and a better time, you will be able to become pregnant only if both partners are healthy, both physically and mentally-psychologically.